Long Hair No More

August 24, 2012

Earlier today, I went to Robinson’s Mall to complete an assignment for a certain company. I was supposed to go there yesterday but I ran into trouble with the clutch of our car. It was also past 3 o’clock and the skies were threatening to cry so I postponed my trip. I was already contemplating on getting a hair cut too since my ugly hair has grown long and I can’t stand it any more.

I had my hair rebonded a year ago but I decided not to have it retouched since I wanted to see its original hair. It has been a long time since I last saw its original structure.

After my assignment, instead of going home immediately, I decided to drop by David’s Salon to have it cut. The plan was to cut it short. When I mentioned to the hair stylist that I want a short hair, I guess he thought I want to have a boy’s cut. I quickly clarified and told him I just wanted it shorter and below the shoulder.

After the hairstylist was finished, I saw that my hair was finally short and the length is just right as it was sitting on my shoulders. It was perfect. But the moment I arrived home, I saw how ugly it transformed. After riding a jeepney and after taking in all the air and pollution, my hair kinda shrunk (niku ug nisaka). The curls where showing everywhere. I had to tie it as it really looked ugly (as in batig nawng).

karon pa ko…pihing jud diay ko. 😆

When I tied my hair, I was relieved knowing that it was not that short and I could still tie it to keep it away from my face.

I’m excited to wash it tomorrow. That way I’d know how ugly it will look like after it dries up. I’m also excited knowing that I won’t have a hard time shampooing my hair anymore. 😆

Because (nanubo na ang) hair after the rebond, my wavy locks started to appear. I frequently tie my hair too even if it’s still wet so more waves are expected. I guess I have to find ways to be able to handle my new hair.

nagpacute; feeling nako photogenic ko sa layo 😆

I just hope that my locks behave properly and that I won’t have any issues adjusting to my new look! 😉

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