Leoque Laptop Table

photo credits: http://leoque.com/gallery/2009/11/17/zeta-sleek-black-wooden-workdesk-laptop-lcd-monitor-table/

I’m looking for a laptop table that will also serve as my office table inside my bedroom. I realized that it’s not really that comfortable to sit on the floor or on top of my bed all day long using my portable laptop table. I basically need a workstation so that I can be more productive. char! My room’s too small so I need something that can perfectly fit inside it. I came across the House of Leoque (read as “look”) and their sleek black Zeta wooden work desk which also functions as a laptop and LCD monitor table is just what I need. This one’s priced at P3,150 and if I don’t find anything close to this one here in Cebu or something cheaper and better, I  might contact them and ask if they could ship the item to Cebu. I just hope the shipping fees won’t be that of a big deal. 😀

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