Lechon Manok

Ok, so I’m bored. I was waiting for something to show up and that wait lasted for 5 hours and counting. I just took a picture of the roasted chicken (lechon manok) my mom bought for dinner. They went out and had ran out of time to prepare dinner so they bought this instead not knowing that my sister and I already ate the left over food we had from lunch. toinks! hehehe  I really love roasted chicken. I like Sr. Pedro’s version of the roasted chicken. Yum yum!

I think I should quit waiting now. 🙁


  1. hmmmm…. it looks yummy

  2. Yo, Doi. Groovy site. I especially like the beach holiday photos. By the way, thanks for visiting my site. I hope we will see each other on our blogs more often. Keep in touch.

    P/s: I was in Manila a few months ago. I wanted to go to Cebu but its too far. I just watched the ‘Kulam’ movie. Have you watched it? It’s Filipino. Good stuff.

    Catch you later.

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  3. My Pink Shoelace says

    Cannot eat this for now … huhuhuh
    Damn allergies

  4. i miss lechon manok so much. I cant wait until i go back home in Cebu. Im going to have my fill of all the delicious yummy foods that i have missed. Forget about dieting,lol..

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  5. sarap naman ng lechon manok na yan.

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  6. i devour any chicken recipes! but like it cooked this way.. the best jud ang lechon manok! taym sa, gigutom oks.. wahhh!

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