Learning to Play the Piano Through Online Videos

It has been a while since my last blog entry since I got too busy with stuff which hindered me from creating blog posts for this site. Yeah, excuses! I know 😆

Anyway, now, I’m taking a break from being on hiatus with this site to show to you what I’m trying to accomplish now since this is the only time I feel I’m not busy.

I’ve long wanted to learn how to play the piano yet I never got the time to do so. My schedule’s crazy so in rare opportunities like today, I’m taking a break from everything and googled on “how to play the piano” where I stumbled upon this video in YouTube.

what’s on Lenny while seated beside my keyboard

It has 40 free lessons in it and I’m on my 3rd (where I decided I should blog and document this 😆 ). I was in my room when I watched the 1st lesson and thought it’d be more beneficial if I sit beside our keyboard while I watch the videos to apply what I have learned so far.

side by side

I just hope I can finish the 40 Lessons and learn from them (since I’m getting sleepy already.LOL)  Otherwise, I may have to shed a few bucks to hire a live piano teacher 😀

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