Leah Italia!

I just dropped off Leah at the airport and you wouldn’t believe what we’ve been doing all day long before her flight. She’s bound to leave for Italy via Qatar Airways. The flight was at 6:20pm. I had to wait for her in the waiting lounge just in case she needs to get rid of stuff to lighten her baggage. Anyway, we’ve been to 6 banks (+3 more for her in Ayala while I wait for our lunch to be served at CYMA…*wink*) that day trying to sort matters and buy euros. I had no idea that euros are hard to find here in Cebu. Anyway, it was really an exhausting day for both of us, not to mention me constantly pounding on her brain cells to give her clarity and sanity…hehehe

She originally packed for 47kilos. We managed to bring it down to this: black luggage – 25 kilos, brown bag – hand carried it! (Kilos allowed at check-in: 20 kilos…please do the math!)


  1. Bye Bye Leah … here comes Wena lol … hahahaa

  2. amaw ka Weng!

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