Laptop Safety for Every Travel Blogger

When I started my backpacking trip, I made sure I brought my laptop with me. Since I’d be moving a lot, bringing a single backpack, which stored all my stuff, was the practical thing to do. It would be hassle-free on my part if I only had one backpack to worry. That also gave me the opportunity to use my hands freely during my travels knowing that I carried all my stuff on my back.

But to tell you honestly, bringing a 14” laptop was such a pain not only on my back but also from the space it consumed on my backpack. However, I had no choice. I do not have the budget to buy a new laptop that’s lightweight or smaller than what I had. So I settled with my Lenovo laptop.

working online in Siem Reap
working online in Pub Street, Siem Reap, Cambodia

As a travel blogger, bringing a laptop everywhere I go is a must-have since this is what I use to help me earn money for my travel expenses. This is the reason why it is important for me to keep my laptop secure both from external and internal threats. I always add extra care in keeping my laptop safe. The padded laptop sleeves on my backpack will keep it secure during my travels. I also make sure that I get the latest updates from my anti-virus software to ensure that my files are secure. Every time I go online and check out regular updates, this site for Norton never fails to give me the latest news on online security. I know I should not become complacent when dealing with the security of my laptop’s files, which is why I constantly check my anti virus software for updates just in case its auto update function fails.

As a matter of fact, I got scared for a moment when I saw on the news about hackers gaining access to websites. I was also forced to transfer my website to a different hosting provider because of continued hacking attacks online. And just recently, my laptop got infected with a spyware. There’s never knowing what will happen next. I’m happy that despite these online attacks, there are anti-virus software available that helps everyone, especially bloggers, to secure their computers.

So if you are a blogger like me, traveller or not, and if you are also relying on your source of income online, do not hesitate to back up your computer files. Always make sure that you prioritize your laptop and file’s security. It is always best not to let your guard down. Get yourself protected. As the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure.”

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