Kawasan Falls

My brother-in-law’s sisters are in town and my bro-n-law decided to show them Kawasan Falls. This is a famous tourist destination in Cebu. Kawasan Falls is located in Badian, south of Cebu. We went there yesterday, a Good Friday.  After a 3-hr drive, we arrived at 1 o’clock in the afternoon and we soon started our 20-minute walk to the falls. We rented a cottage and consumed the food we brought for lunch. Afterwhich, they started swimming in the falls. I had no plans of swimming since I’ve been to the place before. I didn’t even bring any extra clothes with me. But after much persuasion, I caved in when they asked me to join them rafting. At first, I was careful not to get wet, but after we got near the second falls, my lower body was already soaked in water so I just decided to get totally wet.

I planned to dry myself on our way back but since the sun was about to set, all I accomplished was dripping all those excess water out of my clothes. My brother-in-law had spare windshield sun protector and I used them to cover the seats of the car to avoid getting the car soaked too. We arrived late in the city since we bumped into 6 processions and got stuck in the crazy traffic in the town of Carcar. It was Good Friday and tradition has it that every 6 o’ clock in the evening, all the statues of the saints were lined up outside the church in preparation for the procession. And almost all towns we passed by had their own processions. I really didn’t catch all of these since I was dozing on and off to sleep, maybe I got too tired from all those walking and climbing up and down the hill to reach the second falls.

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  1. Wow… beautiful place.. I wanna go Cebu!! ;P

    Cashmere’s last blog post..Big screw up!!

  2. lovely place! and you CAN’T leave kawasan falls without getting wet!!let’s get wet in EK next!=)

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