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Jacobo’s Bistro just opened at the Ground Floor of the Skyrise 3 Building in IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City.

Last Friday, one of my colleagues mentioned that they just had an eat-all-you-can breakfast at Jacobo’s for only P100 per head and that the food was really yummy. And since 2 of my colleagues and I were hungry at that time, we headed to Jacobo’s and checked out the place.


Jacobo’s Bistro is really not hard to find but for those who still manage to loose their way through IT Park, you can find the establishment  at the back of Tara’s Cafe, still in SkyRise 3. So basically, Tara’s Cafe is located in front of the i1 building in IT Park and Jacobo’s is on the other side, facing the vacant green lawns of IT Park.


Jacobo’s Bistro has a different way of serving their EAT ALL YOU CAN BREAKFAST. To ensure that everyone consumes their food, they serve the food by batches. You have to order 1 meal first and consume it before going to the next one. You can do advance orders so that you won’t be left hanging or loose your appetite while they prepare the other meal. Another great thing about their Eat All You Can Breakfast is that you can share the food with your buddies. The no left-overs no sharing policy that other food establishments impose doesn’t work here, except for the no left-overs thingy. They serve free coffee and water and this is very ideal for those folks running on a tight budget. If you think you can’t consume the rice that goes along with each meal, you can just tell the service attendants not to serve the rice.


their menu and the other foods they serve


the free coffee


Danggit Bay

I have never seen so many Danggits served except here in Jacobo’s. “Danggit” is one of Cebu’s famous dried fish. Danggit is best paired with vinegar. You can dip the dried fish in the vinegar sauce before landing it in your mouth and you will feel the crunhy, yummy taste of this wonderful dish.


Crispy Pork Binagoongan w/ Eggplant

I love eggplants especially cooked with egg and there’s no doubt me liking this one. As for the Crispy Pork Binagoongan, I find it bland but with the shrimp (“bagoong”) paste, it’s taste is just right. This was the first meal I ordered.


Pancake w/ Bacon

I have really not tried this one properly sine I was already full when I ordered my second course . I only got a bite of a slice of the pancake topped with bacon and it’s yummy. The fresh mangoes are super delicious too. It seems that pancakes with syrup, bacon and mangoes blends well together. I have yet to try and indulge on this one soon.


Bangers and Egg w/ Potato

This was the second meal I ordered. I thought they were referring to Bangers as “bangus” or milkfish  😆 This meal includes a super huge sausage, tiny potatoes halved, fried and sprinkled with salt and scrambled eggs. I never liked scrambled eggs so I didn’t enjoy it. As for the potatoes and the suasages, thumbs up! Delicious!


a treasure chest

A tiny treasure chest is what the bistro uses to store the bill and you’d be surprised to see this tiny thing when you ask for your bill. This is really cool. How I wish I can steal one of these  from the store 😆

My other 2 companions ordered the other food featured here. We also ordered Adobo Hash and I failed to take a picture of it since my colleague dived into the pile immediately 😆  We were just tasting each order’s orders and the food were all delicious and the presentation of the dishes is quite something.

The store includes a 10% service charge so make sure to bring an extra P10, alright?  😆

I’ll definitely go back to this store one of these days and try their other breakfast meals. 🙂

Jacobo’s Bistro opens their Eat All You Can Breakfast from 7:00 am till 10:00 am daily (Mon-Sun).


  1. wow nakakagutom naman yan…naku…i’m on diet pa naman ngayon …i gained 17 pounds na since december waaaaaah!
    .-= meryl´s last blog ..INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION =-.

  2. Wow! im starving na! 🙂
    .-= Praline´s last blog ..Kristen Stewart Pregnant with Robert Pattinson’s Child =-.

  3. hahaha. I wish I could also maintain a certain diet. But my love for food keeps me from dieting 😆

    The food are really yummy meryl. We just went there earlier and tasted some of the other meals. super busog! hehehe

  4. Let’s eat there again Pra!
    U’r last blog is quite intriguing 😆

  5. HI!!! thank you so much for all the blogs doi!!!! Hope u can visit here in jacobos again and ill give you some surprise!!! FAC

  6. wow! thanks Ann. We ate there yesterday and tried the other meals you have. We will probably have our breakfast there tomorrow. Hoping to see you too! 🙂

  7. Ok!! see you tomorrow doi!!!mwahhhh

  8. yey! Me and my hubby will be eating there this sunday! Can’t wait!
    .-= Obnoxious Queer´s last blog ..Memoirs of You (continuation…) =-.

  9. Nice food presentation my sister Ann..

  10. Looks delicious! Free coffee is great, too.

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