Issues with Domain Transfers

Let me start this post with a sigh. *sigh*. πŸ˜† At last! Finally! I finished tweaking the site after almost 12 hrs.

To those who were wondering what happened to the site, I actually tried to transfer the domain name to GoDaddy. But because of the lack of proper information from people who should have told me what to do, I failed to transfer the site to GoDaddy. Now in case you wanted to ask why I wanted to have it transferred, it was because of an incident from fellow bloggers that lead me to decide transferring my domain name to a more stable place. You see, the site where they had their domain registered closed business and they almost lost everything. Good thing was that they were still able to recover most of their work and their domain. So I thought that transferring the domain would be easier. But it wasn’t.Β  Actually it is easy. But if you get stuck with a series of unfortunate events, then that’s something else. My case wasn’t necessarily a series of unfortunate events. I decided to transfer the domain 10 days before it expired. I just hope that before companies let you buy stuff from them, they’d give you full details and instructions on what we needed to prepare to complete the transfer. I didn’t know that I’m supposed toΒ  write down the EPP code or the authorization code πŸ˜† I also left the ID Protection off before it expired but it seems that it was still enabled after it expired. At least the domain’s registrar was kind enough to disable it for me and then another one sent me the codes despite the domain being expired. But their reply was late since I already cancelled the transfer after my current provider told me it can’t be done. Well, I just hope that my current provider doesn’t close their business for this year. I might have to blog about how to transfer expired domain names one of these days. I’m just happy that everything is back to normal now. At least I get to save $7 from all of this chaos.

After I got my domain back, I had to go through the agony of getting the run around when it came to pointing my domain name to the hosting plan I wanted it to be on. The tech support guy kept telling me that the domain name is resolving on their end, however, it is pointing to a parked domain’s URL every time I access it from my end. Worse is that I am not getting the domain’s valid IP address.Β  Instead of giving me solutions, they are not doing anything to help at all.Β  After 4 chat sessions and 1 email ticket,Β  I finally got my site working today.

I just ran into problems earlier. Imagine, I had to call my hosting provider to reset everything so that I can work on a clean slate. That means working on installing and tweaking the settings of all 3 blog sites. The experience was really mind boggling. I accidentally transferred the contents of the site to a different folder in the FTP client and the rest was history. Instead of trying to find a way to fix the error, I just opt for the hard reset of the servers as I can work better knowing that it’ll all be fresh installs.

I hope that I won’t have any more problems with this site in the coming months. I have so much to write! I can’t wait to get started. I just hope that I can find time to update this blog considering that this year would be a busy year for me. There are a lot of pending tasks that needs to be done on this site. I haven’t even found a theme that I could use as I replace what I’m using right now. I wish I can find one soon. I guess I’m not going to rant further. I’m just relieved that everything is back to normal now.

To those who thinks I’m not making any sense with what I wrote here, I feel you. πŸ˜† I’ll explain further once I find time writing that article on how to transfer domain names to a different server or something. πŸ˜€


  1. doy very techie na kaayo ka, i couldnt even understand half of what you discussed heheh but Salute!

    • πŸ˜† dili oi. hehehe but this is what you need to get involved with when you’re in this business cille. πŸ˜€

  2. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! i do apologize for your inconvenience doi. let me make sure that we’ll do everything we possibly can to help you out of this situation. nyehehehe…
    .-= fetus´s last blog ..Advanced White Water Rafting in Cagayan de Oro =-.

    • You’re the 5th person who has told me that. Stop giving me the run around! You need to fix this problem now or I’m gonna cancel my service with you!
      πŸ˜† bwahahaha

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