ISP Upgrade

I went to Globelines to inquire on how I could upgrade the speed of my internet service. I have long thought about it and to me it won’t really make much of a difference since I’d only be adding approximately 300 pesos to increase my current speed of 384 kbps to 1 mbps. I’d rather spend extra on increasing the speed of my internet connection considering I’d be spending a lot of my spare time online. I am impatient and I don’t want to sit around waiting for the browser to load the sites I’ll visit when I could pay a little extra to speed up my browsing capability.

Honestly, I also have no idea if the lag on my internet speed is due to my PC which could be possibly defective or outdated. But what the heck! Sooner or later, I’d still upgrade the speed anyway.

I didn’t opt for another service provider since it would be too much of a hassle for me to go through all of those installation requirements. I just hope that Globelines won’t disappoint me. I currently have a data+voice plan with them and am paying P995 monthly. They only require one to settle past balances and fill up some forms and within the next 72 hours everything will be all set. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that this will be the case.

If this won’t work, I might be forced to upgrade my PC too. But this may have to be placed on hold till I save money for this next project. As for now, I’m off to the university online cafe to check my emails. I am trying to help a friend with her homework. tsk tsk tsk


  1. The next thing we’ll do Doi is buy a new pc … hehehe

    Weng’s last blog post..Midterm

  2. Yeah… new PC it is! 😆

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