This really sounds weird but the thing is I was up 24hours yesterday and was able to sleep at around 1am this morning. Then I suddenly woke up at around 4am. I didn’t get out of bed yet thinking that I could get back to sleep. But I didn’t. My parents were unusually up early on this day too. So I decided to get out of bed instead. When I went out of the room, my mom asked me where my sister and her husband were since their car keys were missing. I then sent a text message to my sis asking where they were and she told me she had a car accident. I immediately called her and she was already in the hospital and told me she just had to go through a series of exams before she can get home. She just called her husband and they didn’t mention this to our parents for they might worry of her safety. When they arrived, they broke the news to my parents and we were really relieved that nothing serious happened to her coz the car was a total wreck. As she was relaying what happened (she couldn’t remember anything before the accident), I immediately realized that this must be the reason why my parents and I woke up early. I even noticed when my bro-n-law left the house and never thought/connected that something bad happened already. Was it intuition? Strange right? Maybe I should apply for some online college courses just so I can preoccupy my mind. But it will always be a mystery, I guess.


  1. oh dear, i hope she’s alright!

    there are some things we just can’t explain.

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