innocent old man

So before my driver’s license expired this year, I had to make a trip to the LTO office to renew it. Then I saw this old man walking around with his eyeglasses. I didn’t mean to be nosy or anything but I really can’t help myself from taking his picture.


I don’t want to sound judgemental or anything but this man was walking around with price tags still on his eyeglasses. Anyone, well most people, would wonder if he snatched it from the nearby department store. You see, the LTO office is located inside SM City Cebu. So everyone has access to everything, including reading glasses. I could also see the looks on other people renewing their license as they saw this man. They too were amused at the sight they were seeing. After an hour, the old man emerged with his eyeglasses, this time the price tags removed. I guess somebody inside told him about the price tags. Well how he got those glassess were his business. But how he wore them was really something else.

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  1. Hahaha whoa. Hmm wala kaha siya nasamukan sa tag na nagbitay sa front sa iya face? If wala, innocent old man jud.

  2. hahaha, i think he never noticed it coz he was really all over the place when he was asking for forms and answering it. could be that he was also showing around his new reading glasses 😆

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  4. Donnie-Lee Sabang says

    hehehehehe ahaka nimo Doy oi!!!!

  5. hahaha. malingaw jud kag kinatawa don if naa ka didto 😆

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