Imitating Thai Pancakes and Sausages

Two days ago, I finally cooked the Pillsbury Hotcake that I temporarily used as my mousepad. 😆 Since we only had 1 egg left, I just cooked half of it. When my pop asked what’s the best food he should pair the pancakes with, I suggested hot dogs. But since I didn’t prepare one, I told him I’d make one next time.

That next time happened to be yesterday. After my folks came back from the supermarket, I saw that they bought eggs. I immediately decided to cook the remaining Pillsbury hotcake mixture.

While I was preparing the hotcake, I suddenly thought of a brilliant idea. To make the pancakes and hot dogs pair more interesting, I decided to imitate the pancakes and sausages I ate once when I went to Pai, Thailand.

Thai style pancake
Thai Style Pancakes and Sausages in Pai, Thailand

Did you know that red hot dogs do not exist in Thailand? I heard that there’s not even one in Singapore. So it was expected that pale hotdogs or sausages are used by Thais when cooking up this delicious treat.

After improvising the ingredients and the things needed to create something like those Thai pancakes, I came up with this…

pancakes and hotdogs
my own version of Thai pancakes and sausages, my mini masterpiece 😉

My own version of the Thai pancake still needed a lot of work to improve on its look. I was trying different shapes too which was why I had it made in different sizes. I guess I just need to ask them to buy more Pillsbury hotcakes and hot dogs for further testing. 😆

Pardon the quality of the photo. It’s skewed and all. I could no longer hold on to my excitement in showing off my “masterpiece” to my folks that I didn’t mind my photo angles. I just had to rush taking the photo so that they can see my little experiment. 😉 My mom was amazed at what I did with the pancakes and the hotdogs. She even asked me how I did it. I just said “sekret” and told them to stuff those yummy snacks in their mouth and start chewing. 😆


  1. Ang cute!!!

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