I'm fuming with anger!!!

I had to reach my tech support to complain why it’s taking long to open my site when my other site was working fine. This was their response:

Sun, Mar 29, 2009 at 2:57 PM

Live-Chat: I confirm that the techs are aware of the outage and are working as we speak to restore normal service
Live-Chat: The techs are experienced and work very quickly, I doubt it will take long to get things working
Live-Chat: Such outages are very rare but of course possible
Live-Chat: Thanks for your patience, rest assured we are doing our best to resolve the issue.


Ok. That was acceptable. I know that issues like this can’t be prevented. Then the site was back but entries beyond January 26th were not showing. So I had to contact the web hosting provider again….This was their response

Sun, Mar 29, 2009 at 11:04 PM

Live-Chat: There is currently a technical issue on the server hosting your site, I want to assure you that we were instantly aware of the outage and that our  Technicians are working at this moment to restore normal service as quickly as they can.
Doi: are you telling me that those lost data that i’ve discovered will be restored?
Live-Chat: please note that you will not loose any data  for your account.
Live-Chat: Such outages on our servers are very rare, the most important things is that we have a skilled team dedicated to providing you the best service  possible.
Live-Chat: Our apologies for this inconvenience, we ask for your patience and co-operation at this time, assuring you of our best attention.
Doi: when will this outage get fixed?
Live-Chat: it will take next 5 – 6 hours
Doi: fine
Doi: i hope this gets fixed sooner and i expect my account to be back the same way i left it earlier this morning


15 hours later, there was no improvement on my site. Again, I tried to reach them and made a follow up on their so-called “outage”. My question was “Is there still an outage with your servers?” Their reply…

Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 3:27 PM

Chat24x7: what error you are getting ?
Doi: i lost data for 2 months on my website
Chat24x7: the site is working now
Doi: i spoke with mike 15 hrs ago and he said that the outage will be finished after 5-6 hrs. and he promised that my data will not be lost
Chat24x7: we do apologizes for that
Doi: the recent entry i have for that site was March 29, 2009. But my site only shows data of January 26 2009
Chat24x7: Please hold for a moment
Chat24x7: i have check the backup for your account
Chat24x7: if you wish to restore it
Chat24x7: i can do it for you
Doi: yes
Doi: you need to restore that
Chat24x7: ok
Doi: that means restoring data until March 29, 2009
Chat24x7: i checked and i have the backup of Mar 10
Chat24x7: for your account on the server
Chat24x7: so you wish to restore it ?
Doi: You need to restore my account to its original state before your server crahsed
Doi: *crashed
Doi: this is unacceptable
Chat24x7: we have only  Mar 10
Chat24x7: let me confirm if you wish to restore it
Doi: As I have stressed, the last update I made on my website was March 29th and not the 10th
Doi: you promised i will not loose all those data when your server crashed!!!!!
Chat24x7: we are sorry for that
Chat24x7: we do apologize
Chat24x7: do you wish to restore the available backup ?
Doi: i want you to restore that
Doi: and i also want to know how can i get my money refunded
Doi: 1st do the restoration
Chat24x7: Please hold for a moment
Chat24x7: done
Doi: can you initiate a weekly back up of my database?
Chat24x7: i have restored the weekly backup for your account
Chat24x7: and its of Mar 10
Doris: can you also make sure that my account is set to automatically do a weekly backup
Chat24x7: defaultly servers makes weekly backup accounts
Doi: i understand
Doi: can you tell me what happened to your server?
Doi: why did you have an outage?
Chat24x7: these was some technical issue on the server
Doi: cant you place this site on a more stable server?
Chat24x7: so we have restore the server
Chat24x7: current server is also a normal server
Chat24x7: you will not get the same problem again
Doi: i hope so. I am now seeing entries till march 28th. you got lucky, otherwise, I would have asked a refund from you and transfer my 2 plans on a different webhosting provider. I hope this doesn’t happen again Suzie. Or else, I will be forced to cancel my service with you. Every month, every month I have issues with your service
Doi: anyway, at least I will only have to recover 1 day’s worth of data
Doi: thank you for your help
Doi: that’s all
Chat24x7: again we do apologize for the inconvenience
Chat24x7: and you will not get the problem again , i am sure
Chat24x7: bye for now
Chat24x7: Thank you for using our 24×7 Live Chat Service, if you would like a copy of this chat, please click the ‘Close’ button and enter your email address.
Chat24x7: You will also be able to rate our service and make any comments you think would help us to improve, your opinion is important to us.
Chat24x7: Thank you for chatting.  Good-bye.


I was on the brink of crying when I learned that the back up files they have were only till March 10th. I am so relieved that after she restored the backup files, the data for March 28th showed. I made 2 entries for March 29th and I can’t find the strength to rewrite my “Movie Marathon” entry since I’m still fuming with anger.

I hope that this will be the last time I will have issues with this web hosting provider. Otherwise, I will really cancel this account and ask for a refund!!!

At this point, my irateness is to the nth level!!!

I’m drowning myself with the song from yesterday’s post while trying to fix the site now. Am hoping that it will release the tension and anger within.

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