I want to blog…but I can’t

I find the title of this blog post funny. I want to blog…but I can’t. Yet here I am now, blogging.

Well, I am blogging, right. But I am blogging because I need to satisfy my finger’s thirst for blogging something. But this is really not the kind of blog I want to blog. Aggghhh!

What’s more funny is that I have hundreds of backlogs since 2010 but I can’t find the time urge to start composing about the things that I want to share here or on the other site.

I’m stuck.

I know I should start sharing my travel adventures in Sagada, Zambales, Davao, Surigao, Cagayan de Oro, Boracay, Iloilo, Mt. Pinatubo and not to mention my international adventures in Chiang Mai and Pai. Oh my! There are really a lot of them backlogs. But no matter how hard I try to start the thought of composing an article, it seems that something is holding me back.

It’s called l-a-z-i-n-e-s-s.

Lately, or should I say for the longest time, I’ve been very lazy and honestly, I’d trade anything if someone can just give me the cure to my ailment.

I’m so lazy that instead of cooking my own meals properly in the shared kitchen of our guesthouse, I settle with cooking my food on a rice cooker I bought. Duh.

bacon toppings

I’m sorry but I have no decent photos to share on this non-sense blog post. So please bear with my dinner food earlier.

Yep. Bacon rice toppings. That’s my dinner cooked from my rice cooker. 3 strips of bacon and a half mug of rice was my dinner earlier.  I lost my drive for cooking so all am eating now are the food I stocked for the rainy days – oatmeal, voice biscuit, rice and bacon. Well, apart from the fact that I’m too lazy to cook properly, I’m also trying to scrimp on the little money that I have left in my wallet.

My cash flow tells me that I only have $8.28 and 339.50 THB (~$10). I refuse to spend my baht since I might need them when I travel back to Thailand. So I’m left with the $8.28 and my funds will be replenished next week. An eCheck from Paypal was just credited to my account and I need to wait for next week to get more funds. As if $95 is sooo big! If you must ask, I’ve only earned $100 this month then I need to deduct Paypal fees in that amount. Oh, I also earned $30 but I have yet to wait for this one to be withdrawn.

Wait, I got side tracked. I’m talking about laziness, right?

Well, you see, I’m on cramming mode right now. A friend asked me to do something for her and the deadline is within the next 48 hrs (it was originally 5 days) but I haven’t done anything yet.

This is me cramming.

Whenever I cram, I tend to work on other stuff like Facebook and such before I actually start working on the real task. Oh, working on the task comes after banging my head on the wall for not learning my lesson each time I cram.

I hope you got a clear picture of how serious my ailment is. 🙁

As for blogging, I soooo want to blog na! pft!

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