I Hate!!!

  • I hate that the KFC branch in IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City is only open unitl 11pm. What’s the point in opening a branch in a building where people work in different time zones??? I don’t get it! Can they close in the morning and open at night instead?
  • I hate it that my brother-in-law’s external hard drive seems to be busted. The PC didn’t boot up normally yesterday and the hard drive emmitted a funny sound. I had to unplug it from the CPU.
  • I hate it that my mom and dad just had an argument since my mom was overly sensitive about my dad not answering to where she placed the keys. I guess my dad got fed up with the routine since he didn’t utter a word when my mom looked for the keys AGAIN. (She tends to loose the keys everyday)
  • I hate it that right now they are not talking to each other. Hopefully by lunch time the mood will improve.
  • I hate the fact that PPP didn’t allow me to get my third opps. Their time shows I posted 3 opps on May 29th. But created 1 post for May 29th and 2 for May 30th.
  • I hate that the room where I’m in is so cluttered. This is a storage room (slash) library (slash) computer room (slash) music room.
  • I hate it that my father still keeps records probably dating back in 1981, the year we transferred to Cebu. This includes files, trophies, etc. etc.
  • I hate it that it’s still so hot here despite a low pressure area threatening to ruin summer
  • I hate it that my other site is on hiatus and has been one since April. I can’t seem to find time to post thoughts in it.
  • I hate that ShoutMix isn’t so reliable anymore. I am getting spammers within ShoutMix too. I can’t distinguish from a real comment and a fake one even when I check the URL.
  • I hate it that there are just people who seems to exist to ruin your mood.
  • I hate it when people tend to go overboard and step over boundaries.
  • I hate it when people starts to control you thinking they have every right to tell you what you should do and what nots. Honey, don’t you get it? You don’t have control over me. And what I do is my goddamn business, not yours! So will you freakin’ shut your mouth up!!!???!!!
  • I hate it that there are just inconsiderate people out there.
  • I hate it that there are people who won’t stop pestering me. When I’ve had enough, they’ll witness my wrath. Mark my words. They will wish they never even brought up that subject in the first place.
  • Lastly, I hate that I hate.
  • Bow!


  1. coOL ka lng ate dOodz….
    ang HigH bLood…. 😀

  2. wow a great list of hate, thanks for sharing!

    Sherry’s last blog post..My Pink Summer Blog Contest

  3. hahaha..saon… 😆

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