How To Use the Ayala Mall eGC Cards

A few days ago, I blogged about getting my Ayala Malls eGC or Electronic Gift Certificate. I never really expected to receive the eGC since I was expecting it would be delivered to me in a month or two. But since I got this token early, I had to twist my brain cells into deciding if I should use it already or if I should save up for it since the expiration is till 2014. Since the credit inside my eGC was money I earned from a sideline project, I thought of using it to purchase a gift that would be useful for my pop’s work. After a few deliberations, I decided to use the card to purchase a gift for my dad.

Ayala Malls Electronic Gift Card - eGC

My choice would be to get him a cheap camera or a printer. His camera got busted so I’m sure he’d love to get a replacement. Our 3-n-1 Lexmark printer can’t print properly anymore and I know he’d also like to have a working printer again. But since its scanner still works fine, I decided not to buy one for now as I don’t want the printer to eat dust everyday. So I  made up my mind and decided I’d buy a camera for him instead. I just need to shell out a few bucks in case the price won’t fit the eGC credit.

Where to find Ayala eGC accredited stores?

To tell you honestly, I was a bit hesitant when I received the gift card. It didn’t come with a manual or a list of accredited stores that accepts Ayala eGC cards. So I thought it would be a hassle to look for one. But I was wrong because looking for stores that accept Ayala Malls electronic gift certificate is not that difficult.

Although I do not have a list of Ayala eGC accredited areas, I just asked a store I visited if they accept the card.  Turns out that 100% of the stores I visited accepts the card. I guess Ayala Malls, being an affiliate of BPI, has almost all of its stores enrolled with this program.  The only difficulty I encountered was the part where I asked the staff of each store in Ayala if they accept eGCs. Some don’t have a clue what it is and I had to say the entire meaning of eGC, which is electronic gift certificate or card, before they understand what it is. Then  they’d leave me for a while to consult and ask their supervisors.

Since I was looking for gadgets, I went to Abensons, Picture City, Electroworld and Colours to check the items. When I asked them if they accept the card, they said they do. Yey! So my theory is that all of the stores in Ayala Center Cebu accepts the eGC. I hope I’m right on this one.

I found the cheapest camera at Picture City. I wasn’t looking for anything fancy. So long as it can take photos, I’m fine with it. So when I saw the Nikon Coolpix S2600 camera and saw its cheap price tag, I was sold. I would have wanted to get any of those Olympus cameras but I was worried that the battery would easily drain, a common problem among Olympus cameras. The logical choice would have to be the Nikon camera. When I asked the store if I can split the payment and pay the excess amount in cash, they agreed.

Nikon Coolpix S2600

How to use the Ayala eGC card?

Since I found a store in Ayala Center Cebu that accepts the eGC card where I will buy the item I chose to buy, I gave them the cards. They just processed the transaction for me. The manager approached me and asked me to sign a payment slip, those that comes out when you transact credit card payments. He asked me to sign my name on the slip and I willingly obliged. But honestly, I was curious why they had to let me sign the slip since the eGC card doesn’t have a signature strip on its back. I guess that was a standard protocol on that store.

But it would be funny and useless to ask customers to sign the slip when they can’t verify the signature on the signature-free card. After the transaction, they gave back the empty Ayala Malls eGC cards. I thought they would keep it but they didn’t. So, I walked out of the store carrying with me my purchase, placed on a basic blue plastic bag (those used at public markets and ukay ukay kind of plastic bag)  and the two used electronic gift certificates. Using the eGC card was hassle-free.

I hope my pop likes his gift for Christmas. 🙂


  1. hi, I just want to ask if how will I know if the card I have still has points/credits. thankie 🙂

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