How to Make a Banana Split Homestyle

Luckily, the ingredients for making my own version of a banana split were present in our home. Actually, it’s so simple to do. You really don’t have to follow any rules in making one except that you follow what you want. As far as I know, the secret on how to make a banana split is to get the most basic ingredients, which is ice cream and bananas.

And with the luck that was on my side tonight, I had the chance to prepare my own version of banana split. It’s a no-fuss process actually.

How to make a Banana Split


  • ice cream
  • banana
  • chocolate syrup

how to make banana split

1. Get a bowl. Peel the banana and toss it in the bowl. As to the number of bananas, it’s up to you really so long as you make sure you consume everything. I peeled 2 small bananas here.

2. Scoop your favorite ice cream flavor. We luckily had the Double Dutch and Rocky Road combination from Selecta on our fridge so I scooped ample servings enough for my fattening appetite.

3. Squeeze the chocolate syrup on top till you satisfy your heart’s content. In case you don’t have any choco syrup, that’s fine. You can still eat your ice cream and banana and it’s still going to taste yummy.

And whala! You have your own Banana Split.

Happy eating everyone!


  1. blogwalking and came here!
    I will try this inig rd nako 😉
    sayun raman diay ..hehe…

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