How to get to the Caramoans?

If you are from Manila or within the Luzon area, getting to Caramoan is so easy. All you need to do is go to the Araneta Center Bus Terminal in Ali Mall, Cubao and you will see different buses going to the Bicol Region. Make sure you look for the buses going to Naga City. It is advisable to book for the bus on the morning of the trip to get sure seats. During peak season, it is advisable to book in advance.



In our case, since we came all the way from Cebu, we had to ride a plane. We could have booked for a plane going straight to Naga or a connecting flight from Manila to Naga but the rates are expensive. Weather in June is unpredictable too so we opt not to fly to Naga or Legaspi (2 hours from Naga).


There are buses that have comfort rooms and there are those that doesn’t. There are also buses who have single seaters, lazy boy chairs or those that have regular seats. The prices vary depending on your choices. Normally the rates starts at 500 up to 1,000 (i guess). Buses leave regularly but those who have comfortable seats leave only in the morning and in the evening since the ride is a long 8-hour journey.


We chose to ride the Isarog Line Express. We were able to book a bus with a comfort room on our way to Naga. On our way back to Manila, the buses with comfort rooms were all taken and we were lucky to get seats from their single seater bus (w/o bathroom).  Honestly, I regret not booking the the trip back while we were still in Manila. We could have chosen the same ride. Anyway, the good part is we were able to save money on our way back but the ride was really bumpy since we were seated at the back end of the bus.

the Lazy Boy-Extreme Jr bus


took this bus going back to Manila at 9pm

We left Manila at 8:30 in the evening and we arrived in Naga at 5 o’clock in the morning. We ate breakfast at one of the stalls in the terminal before heading to the jeepney terminal that took us to Sabang port.

Had rice and sunny side up egg for breakfast. Paid P19.00 for this meal (i think)

The jeepney terminal is in between the bus terminal and the SM City Naga  Mall so it’s really not hard to miss it. The jeepney ride lasts for 2 hours.

waiting for more passengers before we leave

Once you get near the port be prepared for porters who will rush inside the jeepney. They will offer to take your luggage and will offer to carry you to the boat.


Passengers being carried over to the boat


We were really not prepared for all the attention we were getting and we just moved aside and observed the surroundings before asking where was the boat that will go to Guijalo Port. We learned that the first boat going to Guijalo port just left. Maybe, if we hired a van immediately upon disembarking from the bus, we could have caught up with the first boat. But hiring a van would be very expensive and we were really tight with our budget. Oh well. The main goal was reaching Caramoan.

The boat ride was a scenic 2 hour trip since we were passing through the sides of the mainland, which I found weird. Maybe the boat operators knew there were a lot of us who were first timers going to Caramoan that they made sure we had a good view of the mainland. (On our trip back, we were in the open sea. And funny thing was there were also passengers boarding the boat in the open sea. Then we had to stop since one boat got stranded and our boat had to pull the other one too.)

Photobucket Photobucket

Upon reaching reaching Guijalo Port, the tour guide we hired was already waiting for us. We then took a trike to the town proper and headed to Villa Juliana where our tour guide made reservations.



with Meryl, Rich and Ed

had to take the trike going to the town proper of Caramoan

Since it was still 12 noon when we arrived the town of Caramoan,  we immediatley changed our clothes, had lunch and headed to Paniman Bay where our adventure began.

So if you are travelling and time is of essence, I suggest you follow what we did and make sure you reach Caramoan before lunch so that you can use the time in the afternoon to go island hopping so as not to avoid wasting your time.

Oh, by the way. The last boat that leaves Guijalo Port for Sabang, they say, is at 10 to 11 am. So I guess it’s the same time if you are going to Guijalo from Sabang Port. One can rent a boat though, but it’s gonna be quite expensive ( one qouted P4,000 for a special trip back to Sabang).

850 – Bus ride (Manila to Naga) Lazy Boy Extreme Jr w/ bathroom
80 – Jeepney fare to Sabang Port
120 – Boat fare from Sabang to Guijalo
12.50 – Payment for the locals carrying us four and our baggage to the boat (we paid 50 for  4 people)
25  – Trike going to the town proper (P75 is the normal fee for hiring the entire trike but we paid 100)
25 – Trike going back to Guijalo (again, we paid 100)
5 – Terminal Fee in Guijalo Port
120 – Boat fare from Guijalo to Sabang
90 – Van from Sabang to Naga Terminal
720 – Bus ride (Naga to Manila) Single Seater w/o bathroom
P 2,047.50 —–>> total transportation costs (not including the island tours)

To contact Isarog Line Express Transport, Inc., here’s the phone numbers:
Cubao Booking Office
Araneta Center Bus Terminal (Ali-Mall)
Telephone numbers +63 02 9133551 or +63 02 4383916

Naga City Booking Office
Naga City Central Bus Terminal
Telephone numbers +63 54 4738804 or +63 54 8117764


  1. hi. can i ask the number of the boatman you’ve rented for your island hopping?

  2. Hi Em,

    I don’t have the contact number of the boatman we hired for our island hopping but I have the number of our tour guide who prepared everything for us. He charged P500 per day for his services though and he was the one who arranged deals with the local boatmen. His name is Kuya Jay and you can reach him at 09212998866. Actually, there was a spot in the town where trikes wait for passengers going to the drop off points for island hoppings. There are boats available at cheaper rates there. We didn’t know about this till it was time for us to leave. We could have saved more if we didn’t hire Kuya Jay but we also didn’t regret it since he basically took care of everything for us (with the catch that there’s an extra charge for everything, we could have saved around 1,000 to 1,500). You can ask the place where you’ll be staying for leaflets or tariff rates of the tricycles and the boat ride so that you will have an idea of how much you exactly need to pay for everything. The place where we stayed (Villa Juliana) had one.

    I hope I answered your question. Feel free to throw me some messages if you still have questions.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Thanks for the info. how much did you pay for the island hopping? doyou know what time is the first trip from guijalo back to sabang?

  4. em, honestly i forgot if it’s 800 or 1500 for the 1st day (3 islands) and then 2,500 or 2,200 on the second day (4 islands) since the island we went to were farther. if im not mistaken, the 1st trip leaves at 7am or 8am.

  5. Hi! I was wondering if you knew what time the jeepneys/vans from Naga to Sabang Port left? Or if they have a number? I tried calling the Naga Bus terminal but the woman who answered didn’t know and was quite rude. Do the rides to sabang leave hourly or something like that? Do you have a contact number for them? Also how’d you arrange a van going back? Do they just wait there already for passengers?

  6. I don’t think there is a definite time frame. The jeepneys in the terminal normally leave when they feel that they have enough passengers for their trip to Sabang. To give you an example, we arrived in Naga at around 5am and we took our time in the terminal trying to find us something to eat without minding the time since we really don’t have any clue where to go next. So after we ate breakfast, we looked for the terminal to Sabang, which was surprisingly near the bus terminal. It was just sandwiched between the bus terminal and SM Naga (check this post to know where it is). It’s just a make shift terminal for v-hires and jeepneys. So we waited for the jeepney to load more passengers and when it was almost full, the driver left for Sabang. Then he picked up more passengers along the road. When we reached Sabang port, we learned that the 1st boat just left so we had to wait for the next boat to get full. My regret here was not riding the jeepney to Sabang after we arrived in Naga. We could have reached Guijalo Port earlier and made use of our time better. We left Sabang at 9am and arrived at 11 am in Guijalo Port. Remember that it takes 2 hours to reach Sabang so you need to check your schedule too.

    I have no contact number for the jeepneys/vans in the terminal but since its a terminal, there’d always be a jeepney available to await passengers loading off from the bus. If you are planning to travel by night, make sure you find the jeepney terminal immediately after reaching Naga so that you can catch the first trip from Sabang to Guijalo. I wouldn’t advise going to Sabang after lunch since there won’t be boats available (unless you want to pay extra for a special trip). I think the last trip leaves at 11am.

    As for the van going back, there would be a lot waiting for you in the port. The drivers already know the boat’s schedule so they’d be there ready to pick up passengers from Guijalo. The price difference between the van and jeepney is just P10 so I’d suggest to ride the van going back to Naga. You need to be quick in finding a van since all vans tend to get full immediately. Handlers or drivers themselves may approach you as soon as you get off the plank so be prepared for them and immediately tell them how many seats you need.

    Pls. check the comment of Barangay Captain EMILIO VICTOR B. AVILA III on this post. Maybe he can answer the boat skeds. You can also ask from the owner of where we stayed at this post or ask our tour guide. His name is Kuya Jay and his number is 09212998866. After all.. there’s no harm done in asking, right? 😉

    I hope this answers your question. Feel free to ask me questions if you still have any. Thanks for dropping by and enjoy your trip! 😀

  7. Thanks! Yup that answered it. Actually I’ve been to Caramoan already, just 2 weeks ago. But I met up with my friend who lived in Catanduanes so he brought his car and we came from Legaspi airport. I’m planning to go again without him (and the convenience of a car) so I wanted to make sure I get the times right. I also know the boats took off early (had to pay 2k last time to hire a private bangka when we got there 2:30pm, coz they said last boat left 1:30), which majorly sucked. But lesson learned. I fully intend to take the earliest flight to Naga. So, my greatest worry was just the ride to and from Sabang. Thanks again! I’ve got it all mapped out now 🙂 I also stayed in Villa Juliana 🙂

  8. just got back from caramoan! Thanks for ur hlp 🙂 the place is so BEAUTIFUL! also wer lucky to have kuya Ramil as our boatman and kuya jerry as our tricycle driving going back and forth to paniman beach (drop-off point for island hopping).. if anybody here is planning to go to caramaon, you can get the service of boatman kuya ramil (09074351962) and kutya jerry, the tricycle driver (09079540238). Once again, thanks for the info about caramoan.

  9. Hi!

    We are planning to go there. How is the accomodation pala? Kasi in the website of the captain, the more pax the cheaper. Kaya lang I was thinking if mas makakura kung wala ng arrangements, madami naman dun pede makausap db? Accomodation lang ang probs kasi wala ko idea sa payment.. how much per night? thanks!

    God Speed! =)

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