How to get Swine Flu

I learned from a friend the other day that their business/vacation trip scheduled for Spain last May 14th was canceled due to Swine Flu and she mentioned that all of their international travels were postponed too. They said it may take 2 years to recover or make sure that the world is free from Swine Flu. This is just so sad. Does this mean that I may also have to take precautionary measures and stop myself from booking the next flight out of the country?

Anyway, I received a forwarded mail in the office and it shows how one can can get Swine Flu.


  1. Nope. That’s inaccurate. Transmission is almost entirely human-to-human now.

  2. of course i know that i couldn’t resist posting the picture since its cute. πŸ˜† thanks for dropping by the site! πŸ™‚ see you around!

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