How do you type the spanish N from a laptop?

While writing the post prior to this one, I had to type “ñ” or n-yeh and I forgot that I cannot do it. Oh, not that I cannot do it, but I do not know how to do it. I already encountered this problem before and I was left feeling stupid not knowing how to type the spanish N using a laptop. On a normal keyboard, typing “ñ” or n-yeh can be done by entering the alt key + 164 on the right side of the keyboard. I tried doing that too, using a laptop, but all I get are warning sounds each time I enter the keys letting me know that what I’m doing is unacceptable for the laptop.

Why do they have to modify stuff like this? haay….


  1. control panel>regional settings>region and language>keyboards and languages tab>click change keyboard>set your keyboard to United States-International as the default for both default input language” and “installed services”

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