Hoping For a Trip to Hongkong and Macau

One of the places I want to visit is Hong Kong and Macau. I want to accumulate a lot of passport stamps. However, due to the lack of budget, I only accumulated 3 stamps when I went on a backpacking trip at the start of this year. I only got the chance to travel to Thailand and Cambodia. Then there’s Myanmar where I only spent less than 3 hours after I crossed borders for my visa exit.

Actually, my sister and I booked tickets to travel to Hongkong last year. My exit point was supposed to be Macau so that I could hit 2 stones with one bird. The stones were the countries – Hongkong and Macau. Because they are so near, it would be a waste to travel to Hongkong without visiting Macau. But we cancelled that trip due to lack of funds. I also started working back in the corporate world and that trip would have ruined my chances with the company I worked for.

When my friend shared to me his tales of HK and Macao, I got mesmerized and I imagined how fun it would be to also visit all the places he went. He has that infectious way of telling stories that you can’t wait to jump for the next flight to also experience his travel adventures there.

Based on his stories, Hongkong is very crowded. The streets are always filled with people who really dress up. It’s like living in a business district since everywhere you see, locals are dressed like they will attend business meetings with their suits and all. I think you’d easily be identified as a tourist since you are the only one who’s dressed differently from the rest of the pack. But I think what’s great about how the people of Hongkong dresses is that they also value comfort. I want to witness the convergence of fashion and comfort in Hongkong.

HongKong Tours

Although Hong Kong is just a small island and you won’t see any dirt in the city because of the numerous buildings sprouting left and right, a visit to its highlands is a refreshing way to enjoy your trip to Hongkong too. There are cable cars in the highlands where you can enjoy a scenic view of the whole city.

You can do a lot of things in Hongkong. For the young at heart and kids, a trip to Disneyland shouldn’t be missed. Actually, visiting Disneyland was one of my dreams. I want to see all those Disney characters that I enjoyed watching while growing up. My friend, however, didn’t quite enjoy meeting them. But when he saw the grand show where the cast of the cartoon movie The Lion King performed on stage, his jaw dropped. He couldn’t stop talking about that experience. I think it really left a huge impact on him.

Then there’s Macau. Despite your tight travel itinerary, it’s always best not to skip Macau since this place is just a ferry ride away from HongKong. It’s so near that you can simply travel from Hongkong to Macau and back in a day. Upon looking at my friend’s photos, I was awestruck in amazement at how beautiful that place is. It’s like cutting a piece of every famous place around the world and dropping it at certain areas of Macau.

Venice of Macau

Who would ever imagine finding a piece of Venice in Macau? Or the Colosseum of Rome? Yeah, Macau’s an expert at this. I guess it’s their way of enticing tourists to visit their place and enjoy their stay at their luxurious hotels.

hotels in Macau

For first timers in Macau, making a trip to their posh hotels would give you the chance to play casino games for free. By just presenting your passport, you will be given access to their huge gaming area. And if you get tired and weary of betting your luck, you can simply ask for refreshments since they are free too. Want coffee, juice, soda, or plain water? It’s free! Now who wouldn’t want to linger in there? I am not really into these sort of activities but I wouldn’t mind trying my chances in playing at one of their slot machines if given free chips. Who knows, I might win right? ehehehe

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And if you get tired from dropping your jaws at those amazing hotel interiors or playing your luck at cards and other gaming choices, you can simply head out to the streets. Take the heritage walk and discover Macau’s history. Along the way, you will pass by stores selling stuff like beef jerkies.  When they offer you free taste samples, never refuse it. It’s going to be a great budget saver as all those free food samples will make you full. Then you can head back to the gaming hotels if you need to quench your thirst. hahaha.

With Macau being famed as the gaming capital of the world, I could already imagine how they pamper tourists so much and provide excellent services to lure them more into staying in their country.

My friend’s inviting photos of his trip to Hongkong and Macau gives me more reason to find cheap airfares and book flights to Hongkong. I couldn’t wait to explore those beautiful cities at once. I want to drown myself in their rich culture and I can’t wait to click my camera and capture the magical beauty of Hongkong and Macau. I just hope I won’t have to wait too long to realize my travel plans. Tomorrow, I’ll wish hard on my birthday cake for me to have the opportunity to travel to Hongkong and Macau before the year ends or by 2013 😉

Photo credits go to my friend, Ed of soloflighted.com, for lending me his memories of HongKong and Macau.

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