Hongkong Coins

2 hongkong dollars

My sister just came back from her trip to Hong Kong the other day. When she dropped by our house, she gave me 3 Two Hongkong Dollar coins and a fifty cents coin as a remembrance from her trip. She gave a 5-HKD coin to my mom and kept one for herself as her souvenir.

I’ve never been to Hong Kong and my sister mentioned that somewhere in Ayala Center Cebu, a travel agency is offering a 4-day tour to Hong Kong and Macau for only Php15,000 inclusive of airfare, hotel accommodations, Disneyland tour and Macau tours. I guess I’d have to save up since 15k ain’t bad if you want to travel comfortably.

While I’m stuck at 3 stamps on my passport, my sister is on her 4th! My travelling feet are itching but I guess I just have to wait for that golden opportunity.

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