Honest Scrap Award

I’d like to thank fortuitous faery for giving me this award/tag, my first.

Am not really sure how this is done so I asked a friend and he said that it’s up to me to reply or not. I can’t simply disregard this one simply because I don’t want to.

Honest Scrap Award Rules:
in sum, choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design to pass on this award/tag. list at least ten honest things about yourself.

I don’t really want to talk about myself here but here goes…

1. I prefer Multiply over Facebook and Friendster. I only open Friendster and Facebook to accept invites. I don’t like Facebook because it’s too complicated for me. As of now, I’m not too addicted with Multiply too. Can’t seem to squeeze time to do all these stuff. I realized that Gmail is not that great too. I don’t like the fact that I can’t create folders for my mails. I tried to add labels once but to my horror, the mails got sent to my trash bin! I’d still prefer Yahoo Mail but the damage has been done. tsk tsk tsk

2. I have a stamp collection which I started way back in high school. I have pen friends before who supplied me the stamps I needed for my collection. As of now, I just ask friends to bring me stamps whenever they go out of the country. Wait! Shacks! I should have bought one when I went to Bangkok and Siem Reap! Arghhh!!!

3. I’m not really a book junkie but I bought the Twilight Saga, 3 books written by Mitch Bloom and the Sisters of the Travelling Pants Part 2, which I haven’t read (bought this one since I can’t wait for the movie to be shown here. Even bought Nights in Rodanthe-this one I’ve read). I don’t normally buy books. I just borrow from friends. I’ve finished reading the Harry Potter series except for Deathly Hollows. I wanted to buy the paperback version but it’s still not available here. My friend has the hardbound copy but am not sure when I’d find time to borrow and read it coz when I start reading any Harry Potter book, I don’t stop reading till I’m done from cover to cover. hehe

4. I was a fan of WWFĀ  (aka World Wresting Federation, right?) before. My pen friend even sent those stamp-like photos of them. I liked watching The Undertaker fight in the ring. :lOl: Was a fan of the Amazing Race too! I loved this program up to now. But it’s so hard to keep track of the program with my heavy schedule. char!

5. I was a movie buff when I was in high school and college. We’d hike Ayala Center from where I studied to watch a movie with my classmates. We jokingly say that we have to go to Ayala for our Ayala101 subject. I also tend to treat my classmates before. I dunno why I was so generous at that time. hehehe.

6. Bwhahaha..The first and only time I watched a movie alone was when I cross-registered at UP Diliman for 1 semester. I was into those soaps, that I had to watch that movie. I went to Robinson’s Galleria to check the movie sked. I wasn’t satisfied with the time so I went to SM Megamall and checked their sked. I realized that Galleria’s sked was more convenient for me, so I went back to Robinsons and I watched the movie…”Mula sa Puso” šŸ˜†

7. I never liked to be photographed in high school (solo or not) since I don’t like how I looked. hahaha This explains why I have less photos on my high school days. I’d say I was camera shy at that time.

8. I’m not sports-minded. I don’t know how to play any major outdoor sports. I can play badminton and table tennis, but a lousy player still. I made sure I enrolled in those sports for my PE subject. When i cross-registered, they have all sorts of sports in Diliman like archery, swimming, etc but I took Stretching as my PE! šŸ˜†

9. I look like my father (like a spitting image of him, lady version šŸ˜† ). I got his traits and genes including his height šŸ™ I’d prefer to be left alone and I’m a typical homebody. I don’t want noise. I’m shy when faced with people I don’t know but am very talkative too. I easily loose my temper when provoked. I’m very friendly but could be really mean when I want to or have to.

10. Because of my love for classical movies, coupled with inspiration from all those movies with medieval settings, I long to visit the country of Ireland and Scotland. Add rural England to that. I think I lived during those era on my previous life. (*sigh*) Probably, I will get an online college degree in order to explore the world.

So, how what do you think? hehehe… I have much more to say, maybe next time. šŸ˜†

Am now tagging my honest and wonderful blogger pals: Eds, Wena, Audrey, Lily, Randy, Bena, Bambi


  1. thanks for doing this, doi! i’ve been to the english countryside before when we visited bath (jane austen’s hometown) and stonehenge. it’s lovely there! you almost feel like you’re in a storybook setting. cornwall is another UK place i’d like to visit.

    ireland is also on my travel wishlist. šŸ™‚ maybe i’ll see a leprechaun or a fairy. šŸ˜›

  2. thanx doi for the tag! hehehe.. oh well, im not sports-minded either but I prefer friendster over facebook and multiply.. šŸ˜‰

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