homestyle salsa pizza

So I got hungry, took a break from what I was doing and the result’s my own pizza version. I remembered something bout my sister saying that the combination of the Kraft Sandwich Spread and the Tostitos Chunky Salsa tasted good together so I decided to create my own salsa pizza, homestyle.

salsa pizza

The Kraft Sandwich Spread is a commodity in our house. My sister’s crazy about the Tostitos. I never knew we had one stored in our fridge till I saw her place some on a plate, grabbed a bag of chips and locked herself up in her room. That’s her usual brunch when she doesn’t  have work.

Going back, I took 2 pieces of pan de leche (milk bread), cut it in half, spread the Kraft Sandwich Spread first and added the Tostitos Chunky Salsa on top. I placed it inside the oven toaster for 10 minutes. I was aiming for a  salsa pizza with toasted salsa toppings but didn’t achieve it. The bottom section of the bread got toasted though. hehehe.

My homestyle salsa pizza actually tasted good. I already consumed 1 small cheese bread and a slice of leftover pizza so the 2 pcs. of pan de leche was enough to satisfy my hunger. My mom asked me why I didn’t add hotdogs on top of it. Maybe next time. LOL.

Told my friend about this improvised menu and the reply I got was “la lagi ky lingaw noh?” (got nothing better to do, right?).

Well, for someone with a big appetite like me, anything could be possible. Which reminds me…I also made my own version of banana split. That one turned out funny. LOL. Will post that next time 😉

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