Holy Week Plans

When I woke up today, my father asked me if I have work on Holy Week. I told him we don’t get to work on Holidays (he knew this already). I asked him why the question. He told me that he was planning to spend the Lenten Season in Bicol and that we should all go. Wow! I got excited with this idea.

As I recalled, I think it was back in 2004 when I last visited my parent’s hometown. It was also during the Lenten Season when we went there. My father and I travelled by land bringing the FX and drove non-stop till we reached the place. The route was Cebu-Leyte-Samar-Sorsogon. It was a really really exhuasting 16-hour drive for my father. We were trying to catch the last ferry boat that will take us to Sorsogon. I remember us taking our lunch at 2pm after we crossed the San Juanico bridge. Afterwhich, my father drove madly till we reached Allen, the northern tip of Samar, at around 9pm so so. We had to ride a ferry boat to reach Matnog, Sorsogon and again resumed the drive as soon as we docked. We arrived at our destination at around 12mn. The drive was both exhausting and fun. I had to make sure my father doesn’t fall asleep while driving so I had to come up with different ideas on how to keep him awake. I really enjoyed that moment I had with him.

I had to even check out some online university websites on our trip since I was planning to enroll on one as soon as summer is over and classes start. I really wanted to enroll in a Masters program at that time.

As for the FX, we may have to ask the car’s mechanic to check if the FX can still endure the long drive. Well, these are all plans yet but I hope we push through with it!

Wait! Oh shacks! I am scheduled to go to Camiguin on those dates too! Waaaaaaaaa…

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