Holiday today = Me = super LAZY!

Hmmm…You ever had that feeling where you had to do something very important, not urgent, but just important but you seem to take your time in deciding if you really should do it? Well I’m in that situation now. I need to do some big time updates on my posts, including a recent trip that I just attended along with other new found friends in the blogging world. But am tooo lazy to even start doing it. Maybe its the time. I guess my mind is telling me that I have another 6 hours to burn before day breaks in. The thought of sorting those pictures is crippling my being 😆 The last travel post I created took me nearly 5 hours to finish. Why? I’m too OC. 😆 My colleague reminds me that I am. I refuse to believe it and blames other factors for the length of time I take in coming up with a travel post. All those editing, publishing, then editing agan, then another one. tsk tsk tsk And to think I haven’t even finished with my Caramoan write up. I still owe my site and my readers the rest of what happened on my CamSur trip. But then again, I still have overdue topics from my Ilocos trip that I have to document on this site. And if I have to go back in space time, there’s the Bangkok and Siem Reap tour too! tsk tsk tsk. As to how soon I can work on those entries, I have no clue. I really need a break. I even told my mum and dad that I’ll quit my work and become an official bum. 😆 They thought I was joking but I’m not. But this may never happen though, considering my parent’s age, I need the free HMO our office provides its employees to take care of their health insurance.

Wow! 300 words already… 😆 and still ranting… 😆 Well, let me see what I need to accomplish soon:

  • Sumilon Trip

Oops! I clicked something on my keyboard and now this page occupied my entire screen. uh-oh…wait…how do I get this fixed…. 😆 just F11 pala. hahaha… now I’m back. Where was I again? Oh.. the list…

  • Sumilon Trip
  • clean my room – i’m officially sleeping either on my sister’s room, my parent’s room or our couch because my room is a mess 😆 I had to make sure I no longer have colds before I start cleaning it eh. hehehehe (another round of excuses, ei? hahaha)
  • reformat my PC — way overdue (i think i have a virus here)
  • ransack my sister’s wardrobe for a friend 😆
  • clean the bathroom
  • find a business card for Leah – told her am too lazy to find it. she said it’s good exercise for my hands…tsk tsk tsk
  • clean up the 3,000 mails in my AOL account. darn! my account asked me to clean up my inbox when i signed in earlier. not too good at all…
  • do nothing – does this count? 😆
  • I almost forgot…update my parked site – – have no idea how to get this started. Ed! need your help! Hopefully we can start working on it soon! 🙂

I’m doomed! I am! I can see it coming. huhuhu

Wondering why it’s a holiday? It’s Cebu City’s Charter Day today. No work! yipee! That’s one of the few perks I appreciate with my current position at work – no work on holidays.

I can’t believe I’m ranting here again.. after a long time… hahaha…I better stop now. tsk tsk tsk

Maybe I’ll take another hour to stare at this screen or flip TV channels. bwahahaha

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