Headless Ed

We couldn’t wait to get down the 19th floor of the Crown Regency Hotel to claim our free snacks since we were already famished by the time we finished our Sky Experience Adventure (Sky Walk Extreme and Edge Coaster Ride). While waiting for the elevator, we noticed the peculiar artwork on the wall and soon enough we were having our photo shoot! The walls were filled with small tiles. The photos we took were really great against that backdrop. The camwhore within Eds took over and soon he was posing here, there and everywhere… πŸ˜† … sowee eds… πŸ˜› The elevator doors opened and we asked the rest of them to go ahead while we finish our photo shoot. What they didn’t realize was the meal stubs were with me…harhar…Still we proceeded with our photo shoot and the rest was history.


Real and Unedited shots of my blogger pal Ed.

My friend saw Ed’s Multiply header and she really liked it (the 3rd photo was used). She then asked me who took it and I immediately told her “ME!”. I was really happy with what she said next… “Congrats Doi! The pictures are really nice!”Β  Wow! My first! hehehe… Its just sad that I didn’t get any talent fee for this… (just kidding Eds!) hehehe…After finishing the pictorials we headed for the elevator. Eds was so happy with the pictures that he had to show off the poses to the elevator attendant. When she saw “headless” Ed, she almost shrieked and got frightened. πŸ˜† She thought it was for real. hahaha. It’s too early for halloween miss! rolf

Can’t get enough of Eds? Check out his site at http://eDstudyante.com


  1. wow, i’m so sikat doi. hahaha. im off to skul sa. hehe talk to you later. hehe

  2. reminds me of the headless horseman in the movie “sleepy hollow.” hehe.

    cool background, too!

  3. cool pics!

    Dinah’s last blog post..Blog Link Exchange

  4. morbid but cool pic! πŸ™‚ galing ah.

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