Hazelnut Story

Oh this is not a story about a hazelnut. Nope. This is not even a story. 😆 But thinking about what I’m about to say and probably the length of this post, I guess I could say that it’d be a story after all…a Hazelnut Story. 🙂

You see, ever since Leona’s opened, we’ve bought our cakes for Christmas and New Year from them. Reason being is that it is yummy and it is cheap, unlike the over priced small cakes of Goldilocks and Red Ribbon (bitter ba? hahaha). Last Christmas, I also chose the Banoffee Pie since my mom is allergic to chocolate. I thought that the Banoffee Pie would be a safe dessert for the family to share over Noche Buena. We normally make reservations for the cakes since we don’t want to get caught with the holiday rush and end up not having any cake at all.

So since I chose the cake for Christmas, I asked my sister to choose and order for the New Year’s celebration. I thought she’d pick the Chocolate Surprise from Leona’s but since she wanted to buy a different one this year, she went to BreadTalk and ordered the Hazelnut Story. I had no idea what she ordered or how it tastes since none of us has tried that one before. I’m also not a big fan of their floss breads so I was pretty hesitant that she ordered something that resembles those sponge cakes.

So the big day came. Pretty much, we welcomed the New Year soaking in rain water. (I believe it has something to do with the Blue Moon, those rain and all 😆 ) They stopped by SM to do some last minute shopping and to pick up the cake. When they arrived, they asked us to help them get the grocery bags. So off I went and waddled through those rain puddles forming in our lawn and out onto the streets while it was raining. And then I saw the box. It was a cute one. 🙂 I like the packaging of the cake.

When I went inside the house, I immediately opened the box to see how the cake looks like.

Photobucket Photobucket

This little fella here was what greeted me as I removed the cake from its box. It was just plain looking and simple. But I didn’t mind at all. I took some shots of the cake out of habit then I placed it back inside the box and into the fridge it went. I had to wait for another 4hrs before I gave my verdict.

Photobucket Photobucket

Ok. When the time came, we took it out of the box and served it on our dining table and sat down as we welcomed the New Year. Then, I helped myself with a small slice of the cake and ate it. Hmmm… 🙂 Yummy! I really didn’t know how a hazelnut was supposed to taste but this cake really tasted like some nut – not peanut butter though. hehehe. I was like eating a macadamia chocolate, I think. I know I had tasted this flavor before but I just couldn’t figure out where. It’s like eating a chocolate with nuts in it and when the nuts get crushed in your mouth and gets mixed with the chocolate, that’s how this cake tastes like. I’m not sure if it was the thick layer of chocolate icing on top or the icing in between the layers but it really tasted good! Not too sweet, and the chocolate is not too strong.

Photobucket Photobucket

Of course every time there’s a celebration, there’s always left overs. hehehe. This is a shot I took last night before I helped myself with a few more slices of the cake. There’s still some left. I’m planning to eat all of them today! 😆 Oh, in case you haven’t figured out yet, I go gaga over yummy cakes! 😀

By the way, my sister told me that there should have been more to that single santa sitting on top of the cake. The shop ran out of holiday decors for the cake and even refused to accept the order. My sister insisted and told the store attendant that it’s ok if they don’t place all those decors. That’s why this cake is plain looking.

Out of curiousity, I googled online to check out the cake and also check the complete name of the cake. I only remembered my sister telling me that she orderd a hazelnut cake. Through the power of online searching, I found the cake and its name. I found the price too! hehehe. The Hazelnut Story. That’s what they named the cake. That explains the title of this post…hehehe. At P540 – not bad! I was even surprised that it wasn’t that expensive considering it’s from BreadTalk. I guess this is also only available this holiday season too. I hope not. I hope they sell this regularly. Who knows, I might crave for one and decide to grab a slice or two one of these days. hehehe.


“Layer after layer of chocolate chiffon and hazelnut cream, covered with chocolate and cocoa”

To BreadTalk, Two thumbs up to you! Adding another cake to “My Favorites” list. 😀

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