Happy Happy Happy!!!

Weeeeee!!! Am so happy! 😀 Perfect timing!

Uhmmm…Let me share my happiness with you guys…Am about to hit the bed when I told my mom that I may have to use our car this Saturday to accompany Ed in buying a computer chair in Lapu2x City. My mom got curious on how the chairs looked so I turned my dying PC on and accessed Multiply and Istorya and CebuClassified Ads since I have no clue where to search for those chairs. After I showed the pictures to my mom, I decided to open my email (which I really had no intentions of doing so). Then I saw the usual unread mails and one of them caught my attention. It was one of those unread emails about me asking to moderate a new comment that was posted on this site. It was actually a comment from Mark saying “this maybe a late response but Happy bday Doi..” I smiled when I saw the greeting and then I immediately clicked the URL to double check who sent me the greeting. Then I switched back to my email to read it again. My eyes became wide as I read a note at the bottom of his email. I had to read this twice: “btw, you won the Sumilon contest! Congratulations!”

My jaw dropped as I tried to decipher if I’m reading the right message. I even thought he was joking. I hurriedly opened PinoyWorld to confirm this piece of information and went to my room to get my phone. I was already all smiles at this point. PinoyWorld has a three-column layout on their site. So I checked the first column from top to bottom and I didn’t see anything. Then I moved to the second column and started looking from the top again and then scrolled down…then I saw it! My name….weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Mark was really right all along.  😆


Last August 1st, I had the privilege of joining a group of bloggers who were invited by Maribago Bluewater to spend the day at the Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort which is located south of Cebu. To make the trip exciting, we were asked to come up with a write up of our Sumilon Experience for a chance to win an overnight stay for two on the luxurious paradise island of the south. They were also giving away 2 consolation prizes for a day-tour of the resort.

And guess what Mark’s message meant…I won! My first time to join a major blogging contest and I won! Yipee!!! I won a full-expense paid overnight stay for two at Sumilon Bluewater Beach Resort. (It normally costs around 8k to spend the night here so this is really something!) Wow! This is the best birthday gift ever!

I also saw that Ed won the Sumilon Bluewater Day-Tour package Gift Certificate (good for two persons). Weeee!!! I immediately grabbed my phone and called Ed. I didn’t care if I had to wake him up from his sleep 😆  I just wanted to bug him and tell him the good news. He answered the phone after a couple of rings and he really sounded groggy from his sleep. Sorry Ed! But I just want to bug you and tell you of this good news. I couldn’t contain my happiness and excitement. 😀

Now am wondering who I’ll  bring with me to this beautiful island. Thinking…thinking…thinking…

At last! I’ll get to witness Sumilon by night! I hope I can borrow a good camera so that I can capture beautiful night shots. Anyone care to lend me one? I am still accepting belated birthday gifts too if anyone wants to give me one…hehehe

To Maribago Bluewater’s Marketing and Event’s Manager Leslie Marie Nuñez-Fuentes and PR and Marketing Officer Ruben Licera thank you so much! I am really grateful for this prize. A million thanks to you and the Management of Maribago Bluewater!


  1. wow, congrats! this really erases the hassle you went through with your pc problems, right? enjoy your prize! (and blog about it!)
    .-= fortuitous faery´s last blog ..Litratong Pinoy # 69:Masinop (Frugal) =-.

  2. wow…gRatz ate dOi…hehe…,knsa imo kouGon??? eheMz…..(Hands raising) LoL….^_^V
    .-= June´s last blog ..Wonder Girls VS Wonder Baby =-.

  3. Belated Happy Birthday DOI!!!

    Congrats! WOW, good job!
    .-= Rob´s last blog ..Being Health Conscious =-.

  4. thanks rob! 🙂

  5. thanks june! i think si ate and kuya nalang. mahal naman if apilon nako sila auntie and uncle nimo. hehehe

  6. hi con! thanks! yeah. am so glad when i learned of this. 🙂

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