Hanging out at Yogu

One ordinary night, my friend pinged me and said “doi mangaon ta ug yogurt nah” (doi, let’s eat yogurt). She was thinking of going to Yogu when I asked her where. I just woke up at that time. After further discussion, we agreed to eat at McDonalds Jones branch instead. But since I also wanted to try out the yogurt place before Crossroads in Banilad, I told her we should go there after consuming our meal in McDo.

Yogu, Banilad
closing time

I’ve always wanted to check out this Yogu place since their small store is located beside a gasoline station and I think it’s cool to have this cute pink stall sitting in the middle of this busy street.

chandelier and lanterns

I didn’t like the variety of toppings they had. There were too many dried toppings and there were lesser fruits. I even tried ordering strawberry toppings (i think since it was red) and when they opened the lid, there were bubbles in it and the staff immediately told me that it was already spoiled. It took time for me to select my toppings after that. I end up settling for mango, blueberry and chocolate tidbits.

Yogu pricelist

My friend also wanted to order the create-a-crepe one but when she learned that only a few toppings will be added, she hesitated. One thing that stopped her from ordering one too was when I pointed to her that big circle where they bake the crepe. On top of that thin baking circle thingy was a bowl tin can filled with food. I’m not sure if it was their dinner or if it was food for the cat/dog since it looked more of a lamaw (mixed leftover food) to me. Or perhaps it was just rice with green vegetable soup in it. That one was definitely a turn off. I just hope that they removed that thing when they saw we were coming in the store. tsk tsk tsk.

Yogu yogurt
large cup of Yogu with mango, blueberry and chocolate tidbits

As for the Yogu, it was ok. I wasn’t satisfied with their serving of toppings. When ordering, your only choice is a regular cup or a large cup. I didn’t notice the size of a regular cup since I just followed what my friend ordered. I had a hard time finishing the yogurt and my friend mentioned that the bad thing about their sizes is that they don’t have a medium so you’ll really be stuck at ordering just a small size or the large one.

another photo of the lantern

My experience dining at Yogu wasn’t that superb but I’m not complaining too. I just had to mention a few things that I observed from the store. What made our yogurt treat fun was the assortment of stories my friend and I exchanged. I got busy taking photos of their lantern too. I simply adore them! I wish I could take them home with me. LOL.

I Wena was so talkative 😆 that we failed to realize it was already 12 mn. The staff was standing in front of us and that’s when we realized that we were too busy chitchatting that we already forgot about the time. They close at 12 midnight. So upon learning this, we hurriedly stepped out of where we were seated so they could clean our table and close the store. Hmmm…I guess they really close at 12mn sharp, with or without customers.

We only noticed that they have free wifi before we left the place. darn!

Yogu is located along Gov. M. Cuenco Avenue, Banilad, in between the Shell Gasoline station and The Sentinel condo on your way to Country Mall after crossing the flyover from Ayala.


  1. na-try namen to sa Iloilo ni Ada while hanging out sa Smallvile after nung VBS. mejo my kamahalan nga pero msarap naman

    • medyo may kamahalan talaga basta yogurt =) but as for the taste, it’s the same as the yogurts ive tried before from other stores 😉

  2. My Pink Shoelace says

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaa ako man nuon ang talkative. last hap! nyahahaha
    My Pink Shoelace´s last blog post ..Happy Hearts Day

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