Ham, Bacon and Lettuce Ciabatta Sandwich

Last week, I decided to make a bacon and ham sandwich. I missed making my own gourmet sandwich when I lived in Siem Reap, Cambodia for a few months. So when I saw that we have a supply of ciabatta breads, fresh from S&R, I immediately scanned our fridge for the possible ingredients for my gourmet sandwich.

I guess luck was on my side when I decided to make my first ciabatta sandwich since we had lettuce, bacon and smoked ham in our fridge. I started cooking the bacon and ham. I also decided to add one sunny side up egg on my sandwich.

How to Prepare Ham, Bacon and Lettuce Ciabatta Sandwich

ham and  bacon ciabatta sandwich

If you want to make your own ciabatta sandwich, feel free to use whatever ingredients you feel adding or using for your gourmet sandwich. After all, it’s your masterpiece and you’re the one who’s going to eat it. 😉

Here are the ingredients I used to make my ciabatta gourmet sandwich.

  • 1 ciabbata bread
  • 2 strips of bacon
  • 2 smoked ham
  • 1 fried/scrambled egg
  • 2 tomatoes
  • lettuce
  • sandwich spread

ham bacon lettuce sandwich

I cooked the bacon, ham and egg. Afterwich, I sliced the bread in half and spread mayo or sandwich spread on both inner sides of the bread. I then placed the lettuce at the bottom. I added the bacon on top then added another layer of lettuce. I added the fried egg then placed another layer of lettuce. Then I placed more bacon and ham and topped it with the sliced tomatoes.

When I tried covering the sandwich, I realized that it was so huge. I had a hard time covering it with the other half of the bread without destroying the arrangement. I even had to think if I should use a fork and knife to eat the entire thing or if I’ll just press it hard to flatten the sandwich.

I ended up eating the whole ciabatta sandwich carefully to prevent spilling its contens. 😉

This Ham, Bacon and Lettuce Ciabatta Sandwich is best paired with either a cold soda or coffee. In my case, I preferred coffee to stop me from faling asleep after eating that mouth-watering sandwich.


  1. great sandwich mate, I4ll definitely try it on the road next time

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