halo halo at Julie’s Bakeshop

halo halo
Halo-Halo at Julie’s Bakeshop for Php 55.00

Had a taste of this sweet dessert from Julie’s Bakeshop in IT Park last night. I’ve tasted this once, a month or two ago, so when a friend of mine asked me to share the halo-halo he ordered when he was in town, I declined saying I already tasted one. It was also a good thing that I didn’t accept his offer of sharing the halo halo since I think 1 serving wasn’t enough for him. He ate everything even to the last drop 😆 – except for the bowl of course. hehehe

Anyway, the halo-halo at Julie’s Bakeshop now is far different from what I tasted last time. The crushed ice in this one is super fine that you wouldn’t even recognize you’re eating ice. There are also a lot of ingredients on their halo-halo. Cindy also mentioned that the bowl where the Halo Halo was served looked like one of those serving bowls at the Modern Toilet Restaurant in Hong Kong.

I really fancied Chowking’s Halo-halo but when my friend tasted this one, he said this one’s better. I know now what he meant by that. But one thing I didn’t like about it though is that it’s too sweet. I have a sweet tooth but this one’s beyond the sweetness I could take. I still finished the whole bowl though.

julie's bakeshop

with Cindy and Ed, fresh from their trip in Malaysia; Ed, showing us their photos while also waving at friends at the other table

Julie’s Bakeshop also serves budget meals. I frequently hang out here whenever I experience problems with my ISP at home. This is a great place if you are looking for cheap food and free wi-fi connection. And the best thing is that they are open from 11 am till 3am.

We went straight here after fetching the “tourists” in the airport after their Malaysian tour since they were looking for a place where they can eat anything except chicken + Ed’s need to plug his laptop, connect online and show the photos of their adventures. Thanks for the halo-halo treat Ed!

Julie’s Bakeshop is located that the ground floor of the eBloc building, also known as JP Morgan and Chase building.

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