Green Tea & Mint

I am not sure why my tummy is misbehaving for the past 36 hours. Maybe it was because of a food I ate or perhaps due to a jet lag but from time to time, it grumbles for no apparent reason. It’s like screaming  silently, wishing to tell me “Feed me!”

So when I saw that we have a box of Twinings Green Tea & Mint, I didn’t hesitate to drink some to soothe my intolerable tummy thinking that since it was a tea drink, it might help stop the tummy aches.

Twinings Green Tea &  Mint

I’ve never tried drinking the Green Tea & Mint flavor of Twinings so when I took a sip, my mind immediately said “yuck!”

I hate mint in any of my drinks or pastries. I have this notion that mints are meant to freshen one’s breath after eating so the thought of drinking something that’s supposed to freshen your breath gives me that yucky, eeewy, weird feeling. To me, mints better stay as gums and candies.

 Anyway, I still ended up drinking the whole thing for my tummy’s sake but it didn’t fix the problem. I just wish the grumbling and hunger pangs would stop.

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