Got myself a Smart BRO PREPAID Kit

Yep! That’s right. Last Monday, I bought a Smart Bro Prepaid Kit which includes a palm-sized Smart Bro USB Modem for only P995.00. (hugely influenced by Ed‘s testimonials of how the device works; I actually tried Globe’s Tattoo when my mom was sent to the hospital last January but I was dissatisfied with the connection I was getting.)

The plan was for me to call my ISP, which is Globe Broadband, and ask them to add a wireless router to my service plan wherein I’ll just pay P350/month for 3 months for the device and enjoy wireless connection at home. However, due to the irritating power outage that we are experiencing daily, I can no longer afford to loose my internet connection especially when I am working online. (I still haven’t finished the tasks I’m supposed to finish due to the toxic loads I have at work. Hopefully I’ll be able to accomplish my pending deliverables this weekend). So off I went to the malls before I went to work and headed to National Bookstore to buy the kit. They have this raffle contest to win a trip to 3 summer destinations here. The bad thing was they ran out of stocks. So I headed to the closest SMART Business Center in SM where I bought the Smart Bro Prepaid Kit.

Before I bought one, I called their customer service and was surprised that the person who answered the phone was speaking in my dialect. Normally, these agents speak Tagalog eh. She was very friendly and knows the product well. She even mentioned that they still have this ongoing promo wherein if I load the SIM card worth P200 load before May 2010, I’ll get an unlimited internet connection for 5 days. I haven’t done that yet since the kit comes with a 5hr free internet service too. I just checked the device if it’s working since the device only have a 15-day warranty. The USB was too big for the laptop. I even thought that I would have to make the trip to SM to have it replaced. It’s a good thing that after pushing it hard, it finally got inserted in the USB hub. And the connection isn’t bad. It’s actually ok, but not as fast as my LAN connection. But basically, I’m satisfied with the speed. 😀

Aside from the free surfing thingy, the kit also comes with a free Halo-halo  (mix-mix in English – LOL) coupon from Chowking. I’m still thinking when I’ll use this and who I’ll ask to help me eat the Halo-halo. (pronounced as “ha-lo ha-lo”, this popular Filipino dessert is a mixture of shaved ice and milk mixed with various boiled sweet beans and fruits, served in a tall glass or bowl – perfect for the scorching summer heat!)

I’m still planning to get a router though, or else, I might convert the SMART Bro Prepaid Plug-it into a post paid plan. They have this 2-year lock in contract if I do that. However, they also sell a SIM which has a 6-month lock in contract. I  guess I’m better off with the 6 months rather than be stuck with the 2 years. For now, I’ll be waiting for the next power outage and I’ll be ready! Hopefully the battery of the borrowed laptop won’t die on me.

If my sister learns of this, she’ll definitely kill me. LOL. She works with SMART’s biggest competitor. hahaha. At least my wired ISP is from their company. But I’m sticking to SMART for my mobile phone service and Wireless Broad band service. As for the Smart Bro Prepaid Plug-it, i’ll be lending it to Audrey after I use up my free 5 days worth of unlimited surfing so that she can check the signal strength in her room and finally surf from home. 🙂

Ultimate goal. Save money to buy me a netbook or a laptop 😉 anah!

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