Got 4 Free Tickets To The 3D Cinema Launch At Ayala Center Cebu

After I received an email and some text messages about getting free tickets to Ayala Center Cebu’s 3D Cinema Launch courtesy of my ACard membership (thanks to my sister’s receipts!), I made it a point to go to Ayala Center before the mall opened and took a shot at claiming free tickets.

Customer Service Desk at Ayala and the mall with no lights yet

The mall opens its doors at 10am. Rustan’s Supermarket, on the other hand, opens at 9am. So I passed through that part of the mall to get in and line up for the free passes. I guess I was too early since I was the first one to arrive at their Customer Service Desk. And I waited for 45 minutes. It was a good thing that the Customer Service Staff arrived early and released the tickets before 10am. Kudos to them! After I got my passes, I didn’t realize that the line was already long. hehehe.

I got 2 of these. 1 piece is equivalent to 2 seats. We were instructed to go up to the Cinema Booth and have these exchanged for real tickets to the 3D showing of Step Up 3 and choose our preferred Deluxe seat numbers.  I also claimed for my sister’s which explains why I had 2 passes.

Since I was the first in line, I got my passes before 10am then I went up to the 4th level to reserve seats but the booth was still closed.

Counter for ACardholders, M-Pass, Online Reservations, Priority Lane for PWD and Senior Citizens and more

I asked the personnel inside their office at what counter I should wait and she pointed me to the counter on top. She also mentioned that they will open at 11am. Toinks! I have to wait again. But I didn’t mind. I started waiting at the counter and fellow ACardholders who claimed their passes at the ground floor started to arrive too. And then another long line. 10 minutes before 11am, their counter opened 🙂 and we were entertained. I had to give way to an elderly who requested to be accommodated first since she is a Senior Citizen. Afterwhich, I got my turn and got 4 tickets to the 3D Cinema Launch featuring Step Up 3. When I left, there was still a long line at the ground floor. hehe

While waiting for the tickets to be printed, I asked the staff how much they’d charge for the 3D Cinema when they open it to the public and she said Php 270.00. Wow! Cheaper than SM’s IMAX! Well, I’ve never been to an IMAX Theatre yet so I have no say on this matter. But if Ayala will just charge Php 270.00 for 3D experience, I’d be sure to make reservations at when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows shows up here this coming November. hehehe. Oh, and if I use my ACard to purchase the tickets, I  get a 5% discount anyway. LOL.

So, if you’d ask me if standing from 9am to 11am to get free tickets to Ayala Center Cebu’s 3D Cinema Launch despite being seated in the Deluxe Section was all worth it? The answer would be a big, fat and juicy YES! hahaha. I was able to reserve good seats. And not only was I able to get free tickets but I also get to watch it with my friends too, especially to one who also loves dancing! 😀 So to Audrey and Wena, see you in Ayala later! 😀 Should I expect some of you to dance in you seats while wearing your 3D glasses? ahahaha

To my sister, thanks for not replying to my text messages re: watching the movie or not as I get to ask other friends to join me (evil laugh). Let’s thank achi guys! LOL.

To ACard, thanks for this wonderful promo! 🙂 Till next time! Hopefully Harry Potter!

P.S. Tiny problem though…tell me how to watch 3D again when one has 4 eyes? LOL


  1. WOWOWOWOWOWOW! apil ko 😀
    rabsin_d´s last blog post ..The Company at AJOYA Grand Launching

  2. Mr. Tambay says

    Nasuya ko! huhuhuhu!! I am a huge fan of Step Up baya! ahehe

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