Good Vibrations

When I try to search for movies to watch, I check out listing sites that shows the top movies of certain years. So when I tried to look for one, I saw Good Vibrations listed on some website. I’m a sucker for foreign films so I didn’t hesitate to check out its trailer before downloading a copy of the movie.

From the title itself, one could get a feeling that this is a feel-good movie. And upon seeing the trailer, it got me thinking that this movie must be good. Ok. The trailer was enough reason for me to download the movie.

It was only 2 months after when I found the time to watch the film.

The film Good Vibrations is actually a film that chronicles the life of Terri Hooley, known as the godfather of punk, who hails from Northern Ireland. He is a record-store owner and he was the man responsible for developing Belfast’s punk-rock scene.

Before I saw this movie, I never really understood what punk music meant and I had no idea about what happened on that side of the world back in the 60s and 70s. But thanks to movies like this, it allows me to be informed of a country’s history. Though some of the scenes may be fictional, still, the events that took place in the movie gave gave me an awareness of Northern Ireland’s historical events. Never knew the Irish had to suffer such turmoil in the past.

Good Vibrations
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Before Good Vibrations, I only knew of the issues revolving nazis, world war I & II and those mainstream political and civil unrest in those areas. Watching Good Vibrations was a good decision for it made me realize and clamor for movies that narrates a country’s history.

Months prior, Europa Cinema held a movie marathon which showed European films in the big screen and I  got to watch A Royal Affair, a film that opened my eyes to how Denmark came to be what it is today. It’s also a must-watch movie. 🙂

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