Getting Ayala Malls eGC or Electronic Gift Certificate

My mom requested that I drive her to a hardware store nearby to buy some stuff for one of the houses that they were renovating. When she got in the car, she brought with her an LBC mail pouch. I immediately recognized where it came from and I was kinda surprised at seeing the mail. I was not expecting to receive anything this month from  the company that sent it. When I opened the heavily taped mail, I saw two small envelopes that has the eGC label. Wow! That was fast. I thought it won’t be till next month before I will receive this token and getting them early just in time for Christmas surely made my day.

Ayala Malls Electronic Gift Certificate

What is the Ayala Malls eGC?

The Ayala Malls eGC claims to be the first and only electronic gift certificate that is being offered by any mall in the Philippines. The only downside to it is that the bearer of the card can only use the eGC card on selected BPI-affiliated stores in any of the Ayala Malls but the great thing is that there are over 1,000 stores in Ayala that are affiliated with BPI. The bearer of the card can use it to make purchases in the department stores, supermarkets, restaurants, salons, boutiques, cinemas, drugstorers and other shops on all Ayala Malls – Glorietta, Greenbelt, Alabang Town Center, Ayala Center Cebu, Market! Market!, Bonifacio High Street, Trinoma and Marquee Mall.

The eGC works as a prepaid gift card and comes in denominations starting from P500 up to P10,000.  The great thing about this card is that it gives the bearer of the card the flexibility in using the Ayala Malls eGC card in more than 1,000 stores inside any Ayala Mall. I think this card is also the perfect gift to give to someone if they can’t decide on what to buy for Christmas of for any occasions.

When I flipped the backside of the card, it looks like a regular ATM card with its black strip and upon checking the writings on the back, it shows the following:

  • This card is governed by the terms and conditions of the Ayala Malls eGC program.
  • The amount assigned on the card by Ayala Malls is final and binding.
  • The eGC is accepted only in BPI-accredited stores in all Ayala Malls.
  • The eGC is not convertible to cash and is not replaceable when lost or damaged due to cardholder’s fault and negligence.

I received two cards with a prepaid credit worth 1,500 on each. Now, I’m faced with the dilemma of finding which stores accepts the card. But I guess I won’t be having any difficulty in finding out what stores those were. I already made a few mental notes on what to buy with my 2 eGCs but am also looking at the option of finding someone who’ll give me cash in exchange for these orange cards. Anyway, I still have until May 2014 to use the amount in it so I guess I’ll carefully think how I’ll use it. 😉

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