G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Just watched this movie last Sunday with my 2 cousins. The movie was ok. I liked it. My colleague told me that the CGI effects or something is really evident and I agree that it was especially on the scene where they landed on the desert. But as for the rest of the movie, everything was great.  “Gijo” as how we fondly refer to the movie is really an action packed movie. Although there were times were you’d think that all the storyline were scattered with all the flashback from the lives of the different characters, it was still a great film.

My friend also asked me what I think of Channing Tatum and I said that he was ok but not really that impressive. I’d prefer to see him show some moves like the movie Step Up 😆 But he was kinda funny on his role on She’s the Man with Amanda Bynes. Well, come to think of it. He has been all over the movies I’ve seen but I really never noticed him apart from Step Up.

Oh well, what caught my attention was Sienna Miller. She was really pretty in the film and I kept trying to remember what movie she was in. It’s like it’s at the tip of my tongue. With some googling, I then discovered that she was one of the cast of Stardust where she played the role of Victoria, the girl whom Tristan fell in love with and promised to get the falling star they saw one night She also played the role of Francesca Bruni in the film Casanova, co-starring Heath Ledger.

After the movie, we went to grab some snacks at Flame It! and then I went to the office (on a Sunday) to finish some tasks. But I never really got to finish half of it since my good friend Debbie asked me to join her for a foot massage. She just got back from a 2-months training in Manila and I also couldn’t wait to meet her and catch up on things.

We went to Alibyo Spa in IT Park, Lahug and enjoyed a 1-hour foot massage. We were just chatting in the spa room while the masseur massage our legs and arms. We then went to Bo’s Coffee to munch some snacks. Then she drove me home since I need to give her the present she got from Daisy. She was the last person I had to give the “pasalubong” and when she left, I immediately sent a text message (even though it’s 2:30 in the morning…hahaha) to Daisy telling her that my mission is accomplished! I’m done being Santa Claus with the last gift turned over to its rightful owner  😆

Will probably post pictures later.


  1. You are among the few guys I have read say that this movie was great. I have yet to see and still deciding whether it’s worth going to the theatre.

  2. since its already 2 weeks since the movie was shown in theaters, i’d suggest to watch it at home instead. hehehe

    Thanks for dropping by Adam! 🙂

  3. gusto kong panoorin to ^_^
    .-= meryl´s last blog ..MY BETTER HALF (TAG) =-.

  4. i like Chaning Tatum because eventhough he has a bulky body, he can still dance so well “

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