Funny updates on GMA

Bwahahaha… I couldn’t contain myself from laughing at the website of Gingmaganda. I find it unique and amusing. The site never fails to lighten up my spirits (LOL).

Anyway, one of her posts read “wtf. GMA has breast implants!“. I  immediately checked the article from Manila Bulletin, which was linked to the site. It said:

“The informant, who requested anonymity since the source was not authorized to speak about the matter, said the President was scheduled to undergo augmentation mammoplasty at the Asian Hospital and Medical Center in Alabang, Muntinlupa.”

Then Philippine Daily inquirer also wrote an article entitled “Biopsy, not breast job for Arroyo — Palace”

Press Secretary Cerge Remonde admitted that Arroyo underwent biopsy at the same hospital after initial tests showed she had a mass in her breast and groin, but the results were negative.

“As I said, res ipsa loquitur. Just look if the President had a breast implant. That’s a private matter. It’s obvious if women have breast implants. The sexy actresses with boobs, they’re the ones who have breast implants. We can’t say the same thing of the President,” he said in a briefing.

Bwahahaha…did he just announce to the public that the President is not sexy? LOL


  1. thanks for mentioning my blog! haha! in the evening news while that malacanang dude was ranting about the president not looking like someone who has implants, the news flashed photos of GMA in a two-piece bathing suit. that was really hilarious! what the hell! hahahaha!

  2. ay ayun pala! email mo your mailing addy and a postcard will be on its way to you =)
    .-= gingmaganda´s last blog ..or otherwise known as my descent into madness =-.

  3. bwahahaha. I couldn’t imagine the president wearing a 2-pc bathing suit and I don’t even wanna go there..imagining.. 😆

  4. thanks ging! sent you an email already. 🙂 hopefully it won’t be lost. Our post man kasi has a tendency of delivering it to a different place eh.. tsk tsk tsk i think i lost 1 postcrossing postcard bec of that. Miss iggy’s postcard arrived late too but i’m thankful that it didn’t get lost in the mail 🙂

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