Fresh from the Caramoans

As I’ve said, I’m back from our Caramoan Islands adventure and left my footprints on a couple of the beatiful islands that surrounds Caramoan. I could say that this trip was super exhillirating and super fun. Honestly, I find the islands so-so since we also have a couple of islands in Cebu that can match to what Caramoans has to offer. But I guess, there’s still something unique about the place. Perhaps all those beautiful rock formations and all. Maybe having to travel a couple of miles just to reach the area is one reason. As for now, I’ll leave you a couple of pictures of the island.

Top view of the Matukad Island

Yep! You heard me right! Top view! That means me and a couple of our new friends went rock climbing with no harness just to see the other side of those rocks.

This is me with Ed, Rich and Maui. We were climbing up to go to the other side so that we could get down. Confusing ei?  hehehe  Beneath us is a mysterious lagoon believed to be the residence of an enchanted milk fish. We got the chance to see the milkfish swimming alone in the lagoon.

This was my first rock climbing experience and it was super dangerous yet super fun. More pictures to come soon!

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