Food Trip a.k.a. Cheat Week!

I dunno what happened. I guess I got lazy cooking food and for the past few days, we’ve been munching on oatmeal for brunch.

Oatmeal with dried and fresh fruits

This is Ed’s forte – cooking oatmeal 😆 and spreading it with fresh banana fruit and some dried fruits.

fresh fruits salad

On certain days, we also end up eating fresh fruit salad. On this particular salad, there were too many watermelons. I suddenly concluded that I do not want watermelons in my fruit salad since all I could think of while eating the watermelons was that I’m eating water. Our fruit salad consists of mangoes, bananas and the papaya fruit.

Pizza of the day and apple juice at Cafe de la Paix

I’ve always seen the café across KFC and thought of paying it a visit since I discovered that they also offer free wifi and price of their food is not that expensive. So yesterday, I tried going there to work instead of at KFC. I ended up ordering their pizza of the day which was tomato based. For $2.50 per slice, I got a pizza as big as Sbarro’s slices. However, this particular pizza has a thin crust. It’s toppings included green and red bell peppers and salami. Also ordered their chilled apple juice priced at $1.50.

Almond Nougat Ice Cream at Cafe de la Paix

Since I was still craving for food, I ordered ice cream too! hehehe. Café de la Paix sells a small cup of ice cream for $2.00 (don’t be fooled by the size of the photo on top) The serving size was satisfactory though. However, I didn’t enjoy this particular ice cream. I ordered this one because I like almonds but the thing is I never expected this ice cream would taste like what I tasted. Maybe I’m too ignorant of what a nougat should taste but on this ice cream, there was too much going on in my mouth once it landed on my tongue. It wasn’t creamy. The ice cream  There were too many almonds? and nougat? I dunno what those were. The one distinctive taste that I didn’t like on this ice cream was the taste of a tangerine-y flavor or peppermint? I really don’t know what it was. I hate any orange-y taste in foods like this. I don’t recall ever tasting any orange-y based flavor on an almond nougat Toblerone chocolate bar so I was really lost with the flavor of this one. If only I could leave my laptop, cross the street and hand-over the ice cream to Ed, which was working at KFC at that time, I would have done so. However, with the amount I paid for the ice cream, I figured I should just shut my mind and taste buds and finish eating the ice cream as fast as I could. I still look forward to eating their other flavors though just to make sure that the taste of this ice cream was an isolated case.

Pizza of the day at Cafe de la Paix

Anyway, today, Ed wanted to try out Café de la Paix too since I really had a wonderful time working there with their fast internet speed. Ever since my arrival in Siem Reap last February, I’ve always had crappy internet service till I tried out the wifi connection at Café de la Paix. I boasted to Ed how easy I was able to access multiple sites for my work. This made us go to the café for our late lunch. We ordered 1 slice of their pizza for the day since there was nothing else worthy to order. Unlike yesterday, they only have less food options today.

The pizza was heavenly. It was so yummy that Ed ended ordering another round. We shared both pizzas and I also ordered their chilled guava juice this time.

While we were working, the network at the café suddenly disappeared. We were forced to use the network at the hotel’s lounge which was only giving us 2 bars where we were seated. Since we couldn’t stand the slow speed, we had to ask the staff what’s wrong with their internet connection. From the look on his face, he had no idea what was going on. He said he would check it.

After some time, I saw this two couple, whom I guess were guests in the hotel, who approached the counter and asked if they could have their Cambodian Riel changed into small bills. The crew behind the counter said they have no change. The couple said they were referred to go to the café to have the bills changed. The lady crew at the counter immediately said “We no have” without looking at her cash register. Her tone was condescending and it sounded like she wanted to get rid of those two guests immediately. I have no idea on what Hotel de la Paix’ policy is towards changing bills and I am not questioning that. What I just witnessed was a display of poor customer service. It wouldn’t hurt if the staff of the café offered more information on where the couple could have their Cambodian Reil bill exchanged for smaller bills. Being frontliners in the hotel industry, they should have been more helpful on that instance.

Anyway, upon assessing that the staff I talked with about the internet service didn’t do anything to attend to the wifi issue, I approached him again and all he said was that they are fixing the problem. *sigh* Again, I hope they display good customer service by informing us that they are already working on it.

After a few minutes, Ed had to ask them this time and they just said we can connect to the wifi at the lounge. Arggggghhh. We didn’t want to transfer to the lounge but had no choice. So we ended up finishing our work at Hotel de la Paix’ lounge. At around 6pm, the wifi was gone again. This time, both networks disappeared. So much for bragging about the great internet connection at that hotel! One guest also complained that he can’t connect online. We left the hotel past 7pm and there was still no internet connection. It was a good thing that our work didn’t rely to much on being connected online all the time.

Ed and I debated on where to eat for dinner. We were thinking to go to Lucky Mall’s shabu-shabu eat-all-you can buffet because of their ice cream but I also wanted to try out a different buffet. We ended up going to this restaurant across the Siem Reap river where they serve Cambodian BBQ buffet for only $4.

grilled Cambodian BBQ a.k.a. shabu-shabu

This was the first time I tried this kind of food trip so we had to ask the staff of the restaurant to tell us how to cook our food. Basically, we were grilling our own food. The act was tiring since we had to wait for our food to get cooked but it was ok. We got amused at how we got to cook our own food.

We left the restaurant smelling like grilled pork and dragging our butts off with a heavy belly due to the countless barbecues we chewed plus some longans that I secretly hid in my bag 😆

Tomorrow, I’m chaining my feet on my bed to avoid another food trip…or maybe not 😆


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