Figuring Out That Thing Called Tadhana

So I finally watched the most talked about movie this season – That Thing Called Tadhana.

I had high expectations of the movie as everybody just keeps on raving about it. They said it’s one of the most beautiful yet simple movies ever made in the Philippines.

That Thing Called Tadhana stars Angelica Panganiban and JM de Guzman. The story revolves around the conversations of the characters in the movie, Mace and Anthony. Mace and Anthony were travelling back to the Philippines from Rome. Mace is brokenhearted and Anthony kind of got stuck with her and made sure she’s alright as she mended her broken heart.

that thing called tadhana movie poster

While watching the movie, my first reaction was in the lines of uh-oh…looks like this one’s a Before Sunrise/Before Sunset movie. Don’t get me wrong ha. I have nothing against those movies. It’s just that I was expecting something more out of it. But for 1 hour and 35 minutes, you stare at the screen listening to their conversations. I’m not saying that That Thing Called Tadhana was a bad movie because it’s not. I guess it just didn’t work for me.

As what my friend Jessie said, the screenplay was beautifully written daw. I guess its simplicity is what made this film successful.

However, in my case, instead of leaving the theater feeling happy and giddy about how awesome the movie was, I felt the opposite. An overwhelming sadness hit me and I can’t quite figure out why. I guess it’s because the movie made me think of that hollow space in my heart. That longing to find someone to fill in that empty space with inspiration and happiness. Suddenly you realize that being single sucks. What’s worse is knowing how you’ve wanted all your life for someone to find you yet you aren’t too sure if you want to be found.

So now I’m doing the blame game. I’ll attribute the lack of sleep for my indifference towards the movie and will see if watching it the second time would change my disposition.

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