Feeling Down with the Colds


So last Sunday, I was still up and about and having a nice dinner with Weng when come Monday, I suddenly sensed something amiss. Monday night, everything was still ok but on Tuesday morning, I immediately sensed a scratchy feeling in my throat. My throat was screaming colds alerts at that point. Unmindful of the state that I was in, I went about my daily routine but by afternoon I was already sneezing. Darn these colds!

To think I started taking multi-vitamins again. So here’s the reasons why I think I came down with the colds

1. Monday, I was working in an airconditioned room. My nose was already puffy but ignored it as that’s how I always feel when I work in cold room temperatures.

2. Tuesday, after taking a bath, my back got drenched with my wet hair and I think this incident right here is to be blamed for this whole predicament. At night, When I slept in the couch, it worsen the condition since the couch’s cloth cover wasn’t breathable making it harder for my back to breath after getting soaked with dry hair.

3. PMS.



So right now, I’m still not feeling well. After 4 days, I only got to go out of our house (on to the streets) tonight as I had to give something to my sister who dropped by. I had to work from home for the past 4 days because of this stupid colds. 🙁

I hate this feeling of feeling sick. I really don’t have any fever but I feel drained and groggy because of this stupid colds. To think that I’m supposed to swim out this Saturday to freedive. I guess I’d have to make a rain check on that as I know it would be stupid to swim out to the sea and dive when my nose and eustachean tubes are blocked. I couldn’t even equalize with random movements in my ear muscles as I’m sitting now when on normal healthy days I can. Tsk!

* * *

I just find it pointless when Neozep packs their 4 caplets in a huge packaging. I was busy chatting with my friend when I bought 4 packs of those and failed to realize that there were only 4 Neozep caplets inside. I honestly though it contained 1 pad of Neozep. I hope I didn’t pay for that useless carton packaging.

* * *

I asked my pop to massage my  back earlier to see if the [panuhot/lamig] from wet hair will leave my lungs. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow so that I could freedive on Saturday. Otherwise, I’d better find a backup plan in case I still end up with clogged tubes by Saturday.

Food tripping would be a nice back up plan, I suppose. 😆

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