Falling in Love with HP Pavilion dv2

I am planning to buy me self a laptop and after seeing this baby, I immediately fell in love with it and exactly knew what I want to get.

While waiting for the 3:20pm showing of Transformers, Pia and I roamed around and checked out laptops since she was planning to buy one soon. And as we entered HP’s store, they showed us this beatiful laptop. The design was so sleek and the laptop has a glossy finish to its surface. I also like the 12.1″ screen as the size is just right. What caught my attention aside from its looks is that it is so light and slim. I think the term is “ultraportable”. The reason behind its light weight is having an external hard drive.

The laptop is priced at P42,950 (around $900) with 12 months 0% interest if bought via credit card. I have no plans of buying it now but hopefully when the time comes for me to buy one, its value would depreciate.  I wish HP releases a version with an Intel processor and a 13″ screen too. hehehe

I checked out reviews of this baby online and there were a couple of bad ones pertaining to the keyboard, the screen, processor, et al. Nevertheless, I’d still buy one. 🙂


  1. Hi.Isn’t the processor and the graphics memory a bit on the lower side??Is there any option to customize it?
    But nevertheless, if you are looking for an ultra-portable one, then this one is a nice choice.

  2. Hi Titan!

    Honestly what you just asked was all jargon to me 😆
    I’m not really that techy, which is why I can’t answer your question. I have no clue about the processor and graphics memory being on the low side.
    Am not sure if they customize these things in their store but am hoping that when its time for me to get one of these, they’ll release a version with an Intel processor in it.
    What really caught my eye is its weight and its sleek design, though.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Hi Ate Yodod!!!

    Never ever buy it! the specs are not good and for the following reasons:

    * it is just 18,000.00 short to buy the depreciated MacPro
    * 10,000.00 more expensive than the 3GB DDR3 of Acer with the latest BlueRay player technology
    * and it has almost the same price with Dell and Lenovo which has an Intel processor on it


  4. hi uie..wala pa ako plans bumili wui. and the comments you left are all jargon to me 😆

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