Excited To Chase Waterfalls At Iligan

I’ve always wanted to go to the famous Maria Crisitina falls in Iligan but I never found the time to do so. But when the guys from Iligan Blogger’s Society shared the awesome news that they are sending people on a 4-day adventure to visit 7 falls in Iligan, I couldn’t stop my travelling feet from clapping! Pramis!

And I’m so happy that I’d be able to join a group of [travel] bloggers on their quest to go waterfalling on not just 1 but 7 waterfalls! Wohooooo!

waterfalling at Iligan
photo credit: Iligan Blogger’s Society

I guess I’ll have to do some cram packing tomorrow or the next day. I’m thinking of bringing my small fins too but I’m still not sure because of the law of gravity and nature. tsk.

Did I mention I haven’t bought tickets for the boat ride from Cebu to Iligan yet? 😆

Talk about cramming! ughh!

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