Emila Yusof Artworks

Two years ago, while normally checking out my fave blog sites, I stumbled upon some of the artworks of Emila Yusof, a famous Malaysian blogger and illustrator, who happens to be one of my favorite artists. I fell in love with one of her creations and immediately contacted her to ask how much it would cost me to order a similar artwork.

Emila Yusof Artwork

the artwork I fell in love with

I was surprised when she replied with her rates. They were very affordable. I asked her to create one for me. I also ordered a postcard-sized artwork which I liked too. After waiting for the package for more than a month, I finally got word that I can claim it in our post office.

Emila Yusof Artworks

When I opened the package, I was very pleased with its contents. Not only did she send me the ones I ordered but she also gave a few cards for free!

Missing You by Emila Yusof

Here’s the full portrait. Entitled “Missing You” by Emila, this one’s painted on canvass using the Acrylic medium 😉 It’s size is 12×12 and I made my payment via Paypal. It covered the cost of the painting and the shipping fees. I also ordered the girl lying down. I think it’s title was “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not”. hehe. Emila is very flexible and she can work with different mediums too. You can easily tell her what you want and she’ll know what to do. 😉

Unfortunately, two years have passed and I still haven’t figured what I’d do with the artworks. I plan to frame the canvas and some of the cards and hang them on the white wall in my room. I think before the year ends, I’d be able to do just that. 😉


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