Eggs and Bananas

I took a photo of my colleagues snack bag. I was really surprised when I accidentally saw the contents of the bag and found a lot of eggs and bananas inside that I couldn’t resist not taking a photo of it. He doesn’t know I took a picture of his bag. hahaha… My colleague is really serious with his diet. When asked how come he has a lot of eggs and bananas, he said that he has to consume 1 egg every 2 hours (or was it 2 eggs in an hour, i forgot). I find this diet weird. 😆


  1. Every Thing At Your Feet

    hello nice work keep up the great work..keep gooing..rockkk.. ing….

    chcek out mine and how do you feal..pls..


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  2. too much eggs can spike your cholesterol level. 😛

  3. maybe the combination is for aphrodisiac purposes…haha. just a theory there.

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  4. Hi doi…thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Okay, I have to say, to me this is not very appetizing although I like both eggs and bananas (just not together, I think). I think it’s the “presentation,” that turns me off, if ya know what I mean. :o) But, I think your photo of it is great! Very sharp and an interesting arrangement of the eats…

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