Ed's new baby

I was out the whole day yesterday to accompany Eds and his bro canvas a laptop in replacement for Ed’s desktop (his bro will buy his desktop). Eds originally planned to buy an Acer laptop but he ended up buying an HP all thanks to Ed’s blogging money! We went back to their place and started the gruesome process of installing the laptop’s OS. We were all novice at this so it took us more than 5 hours to finish everything. We wished we took up some online college lesson about it so we wouldn’t consume much time.

Congrats Eds!!!

DSLR’s next right? hehehe


  1. ang galing naman! hp is one good computer brand..try to visit this, i just wanted to share to you the valentine gift idea of one of the leading computer companies in the world.. http://walkingnewspaper.blogspot.com/2009/02/best-valentines-day-gift.html

    thank you anyway! happy blogging!


    gagay’s last blog post..PHOTOS have a lot to say..than WORDS

  2. acer laptops are the bane of our existence! good choice on the hp unit!

    gingmaganda’s last blog post..vote biko for nation-building

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