Editing the Map of the Philippines using Photoshop

My sister asked me to help her with her presentation for her work. She asked me to create a map of Cebu and Bohol. She also asked me to create a map of the Philippines where Cebu and Bohol are highlighted.

Being the techy geek (daw) that I am, I immediately agreed to doing it. And before I even began, she bribed me with 2 cupcakes from Leonas. (It wasn’t really a bribe but I want to term it that way. hehehe) I don’t know the reason behind her choice of item to bribe me with. But I’m glad she gave me those cupcakes since I’ve wanted to buy them for the longest time. I just find them pricey, which was why I kept holding off to the idea of buying one. The flavors she gave me were chocolate and I think the other one was red velvet. I loved the red velvet cupcake! Too bad I didn’t have pictures to show off because of that darn camera. 😆 (I think I’m getting side tracked. My apologies. Blaming it on the mention of food! back to the topic now…)

So after I ate the cupcakes, I started working on the maps…the following day 😆

How I found a Philippine map?

My sister will use it for a presentation so I had to look for a high res image of a Philippine map. And after seeking the help of my reliable friend, Google, I found what I’m looking for. With the help of Photoshop CS4, I edited the map and came up with this…

philippine map

I had to edit the map to make it transparent. The rest were its original color. When I sent her the file, I inserted a leaping logo of my travelling feet like that one. When she came home, she had to ask me why I had to place it there. She couldn’t view the map when she checked it from her iPhone coz all she could see was my TTF logo. 😆

And after seeing the maps that my friend, Christian of LakadPilipinas.com, I’m thinking of creating my own version for TheTravellingFeet too. 😉

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